Scenes of beauty from Second life mainlanders

Posted: July 15, 2012 in Gonzo Blogging

Navigating the channel

The need for privacy in second life is of course always needed……….don’t get me wrong

With ban lines all over……….. from people who are gone

we would be on our f*ckin boat singing our awesome  boat song

but yellow lines all over….why can’t we play along?

lol ❤

For a long time we have heard about user retention in SL and the need for more mainland purchases, the strange builds everywhere is still what gives SL its charm…..there is a lot of interesting things to see.

There has to be a better way at controlling the ban lines, especially the ones set up by the folks who have no interest in coming back. Free land was a good idea at the time, but free land should also be free to pass through (this is spoken from a SL vehicle addict…..views may vary)

P.S. to the person who has half my non copy Batman car stuck in his ban line…..can you return that? Not sure what sim I was in before I was booted home lol

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