From bored to boyfriend with Legal Insanity

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Gonzo Blogging

Will He call?

Nothing happening on the TV, I sure hope Johnny calls. I am so bored.

Still can smell him

Hmm, Johnny left his shirt…..thats a good sign! Oh, it still smells like him.

The phone call

*ring* *ring* Maybe thats him now! Hello? Steve? uhmmm sure I will go dancing….Ok, see you then…Bye.

Sorry Johnny…..been waiting to long.

Now, what to wear?


I have to get something great, Steve always dresses so sharp.

Dance the night away

Wow! Steve is so much fun! Glad I didn’t wait…..and his shirt smells better. Sorry Johnny.

Mayce Clothing Used:

..:: Legal Insanity ::.. yafunky pants –  azuresky

..:: Legal Insanity ::.. betty shirt white 2

..:: Legal Insanity ::.. panties famous 1

..:: Legal Insanity :… “His shirt…”

..:: Legal Insanity ::.. lala dress white

World Clothing Used

..:: Legal Insanity ::.. yafunky pants –  black

..:: Legal Insanity ::.. Lenny shirt – pirate girl


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