Recently released from Legal Insanity, new coats for men and women.

10 New poses from PosesionSexy Male Jacket‘ collection

Posesion Sexy Male Coat 3_002

For women is the jas suede leather jacket shown in chocolate.  The jas suede jacket comes in multiple colors (Chocolate, Fog and Silver).   The new release is MESH and comes in sizes ranging from small to large.

Posesion Sexy Male Coat 3_003

Legal Insanity also just released taylor skinny jeans which also come in multiple different colors (Dark blue, dirty and grunge).  The jeans are MESH.
The mesh max biker jacket comes with shirt and no shirt options.  The max biker jacket comes in dark and earth colors.


The poses used are new releases by Posesion.  The “sexy male jacket” collection comes with 10 different poses.  Shown are 6 of the poses from the new collection.


Legal Insanity


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