When making a Dream Avatar, the creator gives the avatar the skin tone, hair style and color, eye style and color, and other features they wish it to have.  The creator also adds any clothes, shoes, headwear, accessories, and hand items.  You give it a life.

Alpha Tribe brings you a world not just beyond your dreams, it brings you your dream avatar.


LRRH Avatar – Group Gift from Alpha Tribe

Alpha Tribe goes further into the art of creating avatars.


I have added a few pieces to this Avatar.  The eyes are made by me.  I also added the Wicca set (red) by Posesion.  The Wicca set consists of earrings and a 3rd eye which is the center jewel on my forehead.


From Latex Web, Inc, I completely modified the exo-gasss helmet and added it to my back.


Head on over to Alpha Tribe, join the free group and pick up the 6 or 7 free gifts that are offered, full avatars, and see for yourself the detailed creations that Alpha puts into her avatars.

All Poses by Posesion (Leo Set)  – New group gifts out at Posesion as well


Alpha Tribe


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