Put your cool hands on my face
I can’t just cool my head on anything
I can’t seem to escape
all these visions of me falling
But there’s light on the other side
Feels like a million lights

Wicca Crazy Casual_003

I’m out sometimes and I know you’ll find me
asking questions til I go crazy

But you know how to cool my head
like ice water inside of me
Wicca Crazy Casual_002I feel the pressures in my mind
They get so heavy
it makes me blind
Sometimes I forgot
and you just have to remind me
in real life

Put your cool hands on me

Poses by Wicca’s Wardrobe – Crazy Casual Set
Silken Moon Eclipse Luna Kitten Eyeliner
Chop Zuey Black Tooth Grin WG Mens Necklace
IceWater Tera -Mesh- Denim Shorts
IceWater Tera -Mesh- Tied Up Tops
Moondance Boutique  Square Medium Biker Diamonds 3d
Silken Moon Eclipse Luna Brulee CL Shine


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