Creativity and passion move art towards the expression of emotions, moods, and messages with a language partly objective, given from technique and experience but mostly from our own inner being.
But what happens when several creative languages come in contact? If you are able to listen and observe, as well as share and blend your inner feelings with the ones of the people around you, new extraordinary synergies are born : where individualism and personal style get intensified from a stimulating harmony.
This meaningful shared work, result of autonomous inspirations gives life to a new Element: SAVIAD

SAVIAD Spring Tiger by Mila Tatham, Soraya Vaher, Aliza Karu
is the first exclusive work of our new project.
Released at very special price for The Tiger Alley Event @ FIERA

SAVIAD – Spring Tiger – Dress


I Added to the gown Silken Moon Call of the wild Gloves which are part of the Call of the Wild Jacket by Silken Mood for Tiger Alley

Tiger Alley


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