Leezu has teamed up with Free Dove. Right now there is a completely free mini hunt going on at Free Dove and all 10 prizes are from Leezu. Free Dove is a great resource, especially for new avatars who are getting started and have limited lindens. Now you  not only have this great resource of gifts and freebies from stores all over SL, with this free hunt, you have the opportunity to own some really lovely pieces from Leezu! The ten prizes are scattered through-out he upstairs and downstairs areas of Free Dove. There is no group to join and the prize boxes are completely free.

Here is a mix and match of just a few of the items offered by Leezu in the Hunt


LBD Madrid Top /tree (Shirt Layer)
LBD Madrid Pants /tree (Pants Layer) With Prim attachments
Keahi Top (Jacket Layer) /orange green by LeeZu!
Brigitte Body Tights (Underpants Layer) /forest by LeeZu!
[LeeZu!] Twiggy Glasses SMALL (mesh,not rigged,texture change)
Deep Reflection Eyes ICEBLUE LARGE by LeeZu!

hunt-sl-free-dove-huntClick Here to go to the Hunt


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