Who doesn’t love the grumpy neighbor next to Spongebob and Patrick?

“Spongebob, there are two problems with your theory. One, I hate you. And two, how can that be me when I’m standing right here? ” Squidward

Arlequin Poses_001

New release by N1CO.  I love these “DON” pants.  They come in so many different textures and options, its crazy (HUD Driven).  The pants are unisex, so ladies, you can wear Squidward too.   Who doesn’t love the characters from Spongebob.

Arlequin Poses_002

N1CO Unisex Sneakers are the perfect fit for the Don pants too.  Unisex also and HUD driven to match.

I also want to show you my new awesome photostudio.  **MESH**

Arlequin Poses_003

This studio has it all.  Rain, smoke, snow, flames, clouds and other different effect all at your fingertips.  It also has commands to control your eyes and facial expressions.  You just click to stand and you can move backwards, forwards, side to side all with the click of a button.  You can control the textures on the sides and top, bottom and background.  There are lighting effects as well.

Arlequin Poses_004Poses by Posesion – Arlequin set

The studio comes with many built in textures and animations and you can easily add your own.  Videos are available for help as well, and more being made.


It also comes with a HUD that attaches to your screen if you choose.  There are so many options, watch here for future blogs on all the options and gadgets that comes with the Meshudio.


Image Photography



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