Years passed by and then
We fell in love
We would run through the meadows
And you would joke with me

Bang, bang just for laughs
Bang, Bang you used to shoot at me
And whoever strikes at the heart
Wins bang, bang


Of course you weren’t joking
When you shot at my heart
Your shot was never off
Take a shot at denying it, if you can

Now you no longer love me
And I felt a shot to the heart
When you told me that
You don’t want to be with me

Bang, Bang and here I remain
Bang, Bang Crying
Bang Bang I won
Bang Bang I’ve lost my heart

Miamai_Hairbase Style B_Blonde
Miamai_Catwalk Lashes_Toxic_Black
Miamai_Dalida Sand
Miamai_Difference high pumps -luxe- taupe
Miamai_Happydays wicker hat – natural panama
Miamai_LuxeBag Gift 11
Miamai_Protagoniste Basic Eyes
[DBF] Sissela skin exquisite : Fashion for Life Fair

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