Today, I asked Worldage to style up some fun and send me a photo so I can style for a picture together.  He sent me a picture inworld and we used that picture for our inspirations.  It didn’t take us too long to complete our looks and send final pictures to each other.

After I opened up my inventory of course I went straight to my Madrid Solo folder and looked for that one makeup that just screams out to me.  LOL.  This one definitely screamed out to me.   I have been wanting to blog my new Posesion horns and thought they’d go great with the makeup.  And to top it all off, the headpiece from Zibska was a perfect fit with the horns.  How sweet is that?  I didn’t even need to edit them too much to make them work together.

So here is one of two pics I did with World and the pic I did solo.   Here’s a version of World’s picture if your curious.


Snapshot_005Posesion Poses – Horror Set  and Lunae Horns

Madrid Solo – Halloween Designs – Creeping Predator

Zibska Zibska ~ Radulfr Headpiece and Necklace

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