This time last year I met a designer through Penumbra Fashion week who was going to start dabbling into creating male fashions.  Well, we all know she makes fantastic female clothes, so I got pretty excited to find out she was wanting to do male clothes too.  She messaged me and asked me about my favorite designers and we chatted for some time and parted ways.

Well its that time again, Penumbra Fashion Week, and she drops me a message to let me know she got around to making some male clothes and she was inspired by the designers I had told her about, she said she had kept me in mind while she was making them and hoped I would be able to walk them for her on the runway.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to walk her runway show but I was pretty excited and couldn’t wait to see what she made.

Ladies you all know her and love her but this time she was thinking about us GUYS and I LOVE the clothes.

Trinity A Blog_001

*Petit Chat*The last crossing outfit ❤ available at Penumbra Fashion Week (comes with Hat)

Trinity A Blog_002



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