PENUMBRA. FASHION WEEK Spring Summer (SS15) is a diverse and innovative fashion experience that will feature 43 talented designers, both established and emerging. The bi-annual one week event remains one of Second Life’s greatest fashion platforms and the launch pad for SL’s fashion designers to a wider audience. The focus has been on showcasing the immense and diverse design talent that is evident year-on-year.

Penumbra Fashion week May 16 – May 23

Ever an Angel has a variety of different styles available at Penumbra Fashion week.

Fashion week 1 blog Chelle_001

Ever An’ Angel -Gauze and Effect -Baudelaire – Penumbra Fashion week  Exclusive (above)

Ever An' Angel - Bridal Spring 2015 Ever An' Angel - Opulence - Ametrine Ever An' Angel - Vernal Equinox Gown - Rosebud Ever An'Angel - Zen & Cocktails - Plum

Penumbra Fashion week


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