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As the name implies Best of Second Life shopping district is exactly that. We have some of the best designers in Second Life right here for your complete shopping experience. We range in a wide variety of fashion styles and have some of the most complete lines of accessories to accentuate that special look to create to awe and impress everyone.

Navigating the shopping district is easy, it’s all based on teleporters to take you directly to the store you are looking for, or you can freely range, explore and shop around. Don’t miss the opportunity to drop by and grab our new magazine each month and; if fashion is your life and you want to explore that passion deeper please do drop by the Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy offices and grab more information and let us take you to the top of the fashion world.

Come visit Heth Haute Couture at the Emporia Mall on Couture Blvd.

BOSLHHC_001Heth Haute Couture – “Bradley Men’s Outift” comes with Boots.

The Emporia Landing Point

Check out what else you can find at the Emporia Mall and while your there don’t forget to pick up the free gifts our designers have left out for you.

Poster 2