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Sleight of hand
Jump off the end


Zibska – Imke ensemble includes corset and bottoms, headpiece, shoulders and skirt attachment as well as heels in Slink high, Belleza and TMP versions.

sold at Inspiration Event – 10 – 30 Sept.

Group Gift:

Zibska [Inspiration Event Gift] ~ Colombe Adornment

She doesn’t have a face of fashion
Just an ordinary look at best
She walks into a room with passion
Extraordinary from the rest
It’s not the way she wears her hair
Not the makeup on her face

Its the clothes that she wears and how she wears them!

You can find the best shops in Second Life at BOSL’s Emporia shopping district.

Once stop shopping for all your fashion needs.

One of my favorites is BitchBarbie Style.  The “Garima” outfit is elegantly stitched in gold with a scooped neckline with collar adds a touch of chic.  The thigh slit screams bold and daring.

ChelleCloseBoslBitchBarbie_004The outfit comes with Slink high Shoes.

The Emporia Landing Point

Check out what else you can find at the Emporia Mall and while your there don’t forget to pick up the free gifts our designers have left out for you.

Poster 2