Well its here, we had 5″ of snow today.   It was a heavy snow too.   I shoveled as it fell,  it wasn’t such a chore to do throughout the day as the the snow kept coming down.  I always start out with good intentions when winter comes.  I’m going to shovel as it comes down so I don’t have to shovel 8 or 10″s at a time.  Plus, the snow plows always block my car in my driveway, so yeah I have to keep up on that so I can back out.   But like I said, I always start out with the intentions of keeping on top of the snow as it falls.  Usually its about after the 3rd snowfall that I stop doing that.  I end up staring out the window going UGH will it ever stop.   I keep telling myself “go out there and do it” but I get lazy.  But for today, I stayed on top of the snow and even threw my first snowball of the season!

~Tableau Vivant~ Vincent Make up gloss a
Silken Moon Amen Flasher Lashes
Madrid Solo– Mix & Match- Adored- Blush Only- Blush 3
*ARGRACE* Ribbed beanie/Xavier – Baby Blonde
GizzA – Jayson Meggings [Brown]
GizzA – London Coat – Men [Brown]
GizzA – Worker Boots [Black] Brown Leather
~Tableau Vivant~ Ren Skin – Tone 05 A (blond)

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