The MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Organization is able to provide the full spectrum of training necessary for men and women to enter into a successful fashion modeling career. The MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Organization and this Academy have, for years, been educating and graduating the most recognized models in SL Fashion. MVWA employs only the best and most experienced fashion models in SL as instructors.


IT IS OUR MISSION and purpose to give you the tools and skills necessary to pursue your dreams as a model in Second Life.

With our staff’s vast wealth of experience, we will help prepare you in what you will need to reach for the stars and attain your personal aspirations. We offer a diverse range of training, from introductory courses for those just starting out on their modeling journey to advanced classes for those wanting the most up to date information to stay current. No matter your level of experience, MVWA has the class to assist you in keeping your skills sharp and preparing you to meet any challenge.

We have added a few new classes and changed the curriculum around to improve it.

We also have added a “production” class to our curriculum to further expand our students knowledge of the modeling industry from a behind the scenes aspect by producing their own graduation shows.


Our last graduation was April 10th and the graduates worked hard. The show was sponsored by Petit Chat and Rayne Courture. We hosted a party for the current and past graduates. It was long overdue for our past graduates and well deserved for the past and current students.


26290668651_80c5196dd2_h 26084028910_3cfa21ac9d_b

Each of our graduates are officially invited into the Image Models group and will be used for print, runway, vendor pictures and more.




We are having an open house on April 24th at NOON slt, so be sure to come by and learn about Miss Virtual World Academy. There will be gifts and information on when our new semester of classes will be starting.

A lot of amazing changes are going on and we are excited to share them all with you and to bring you into this

May classes are starting soon for the following students:


Lissabel Lorefield

Phedra Diavolo

Ruby Ornamental


(your name here)

106 Classes will be starting soon for our current students.  Date and times are subject to change.  May 21st, May 28 and June 4th.

Scarlett Lenoirre







Let us take you to the top!
the best teachers * the best education * your best future * learn from the best!

For more information click here

Angelus Bunin


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