668 – Who’s there ?

Posted: October 24, 2016 in Uncategorized

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Footsteps in the attic,
moaning in the hall.
Peering around the corner,
I see no one there at all….
(by George Ulrich)

Halloween is coming closer and closer….scary mood and scary things around you.
Also in RL there are unusual things and people are getting dumb and crazy. I can’t get things like happened last week here in Germany. People are turning into Horror Clowns and running after other people scaring them, wearing also baseball bats, chain saws etc. Also cases of clowns beating people, scare little childrens, a woman  at a bus stop in the early morning was shocked by a clown with a chain saw.
Really, I am not into Halloween and Horror and stuff like that but I ignore it and accept.
But when it comes to people like this and when I hear that how people turn into idiots using Halloween for bad “jokes” then I…

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