Archive for November 30, 2021

Of course, no one agrees on these ratings. 

Mortality swagger tattoo
Pity Party Plum Hairbase Black
Mandala Billionaire Smexy watch
Bravara Goggles
Mandala Stretched Ears Season 2
Gild Fat cat stole_black
Gild Vest with Inner Harness
Gild Mods slim pants
Gild Side Gore Boots
bade Kai hair

As much as I definitely enjoy solitude
I wouldn’t mind perhaps
Spending little time with you
Sometimes, sometimes

Glitter Tights gold by LeeZu (We miss you LeeZu)
Arabic Tattoos Studio linked tattoo
Zibska Solanum Fawn Headpiece and skirt
Vanity Hair:Smoking Room-Jet Black
Violator-Just a Formality-Gold Aquamarine (We miss you Violator)