Crazy about Fashion

I have been going through old outfit folders and updating them with my mesh head and body, I am so glad some old looks I created can be updated and still work with my mesh body and head.

It’s sad that some of the stores are no longer around.

Madison Pants by LeeZu!
Nefekalum – Ifrit – Black
Nefekalum – Guise (Full) // Evo X Tattoo
Nefekalum – Scavenger’s Eyeshadow (Black) // Evo X Tattoo
.Shi : BAROQUE.MEDIUM.S2 {Set 3}
Wicca’s Originals Claw Boots Black Leather
Enrage – harness – Mateus (black leather)
FashionNatic Gard Jacket
Machoire – Veitades Hat Black
Noble Creations – Hunter Harness (Black) Belleza Jake

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