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Like a river flows
Rolling ’till it ends in the sea
Our pleasure grows
Rolling ’till it ends in you and me

Heartsdale Jewellery – Diamond Twist collection

:moon amore: Teddy’s Dreams / COAT

Blueberry – Spotlight – Bodysuits

Exile:: Apollo

friday – Laura Socks –

SAS – Star Pink Shoes

[HJ] Diamond Twist Jewellery Set

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I’ll be right beside you, dear

Poison Rouge Dres – Exclusive at ANTHEM / Maitreya Legacy and Reborn Available in 8 Textures

Poison Rouge – Autumn Symphony @ Anthem
Heartsdale Jewellery Churiyan Duex

Exile – Apollo Hair –
[L]oovus – Kulinda Sunglasses – Cadmium

Defined by the tears and the pain

But lived to be lifted again

Blueberry Keira Mesh Scarf Small in Black
Exile:: Felicia
Chop Zuey Gloriana Prp Necklace
OH PAIR ! RAE shoes
POISON ROUGE Lilia Headband – Pink
Ricielli – Cleo Blouse
Ricielli – Cleo Pants

Crazy about fashion

 Mix the formal with the informal, be trendy be classic;

Blueberry – Mili – Boots&Stockings – Maitreya
Blueberry Keira Mesh Scarf Small in Black
Clef de Peau.Bianca Dress Black-Scarlet [LARA]
Exile:: Kelly (A)
Legal Insanity – Ely floppy hat black