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Crazy about Fashion

Poison Rouge Sakae Hairpin @ Tokyo Zero

Heartsdale Jewellery – Krystanna Heritage Accessories

In.Sanity Dress – Precious

Crazy About Fashion

You left without time for me to see
The full event that took the place of me
I felt the pain, saw the strife
The walls moved in, my thoughts will spin

.Shi : Eirene / Her
group gift – Rendezvous – in.SANITY
Heartsdale Jewellery Dark Romance Collar, Cuff and Earrings

Crazy about Fashion

This is a must have outfit from in.Sanity – this “power suit” will help give you the power needed to make those executive decisions and still feel feminine and sexy

Blueberry – Mili – Boots&Stockings – Maitreya
Chop Zuey Kamalika Necklace and earrings
in.Sanity Killer Instinct suit
Truth hair Lullaby

Crazy about Fashion

Crazy comfy outfit – whether you are working out at a gym or home! This outfit is the one you want.

in.sanity – pumped up outfit

Blueberry – Demi – Faux Fur Stole
in.Sanity – Jewel Gown
No.Match – No.Promise Hair
Chop Zuey – The Goddes of Babylon Jewelry

Crazy about fashion

RealEvil Iverne Arm Warmers
Sererika outfit- Maitreya in.SANITY

Crazy about Fashion

Falling 4 U is a full outfit with color changing HUD to change the pants, shirt and the belts. So Many Choices! So Much Sexy!!

Astralia x Momento . notice me senpai / heels light pink
Falling 4 U – Maitreya in.SANITY
Chop Zuey Gloriana Prp Necklace

Riding the storm out

Juna Iwe tattoo Light Classic
Real Evil Mythical Beasts Rings
Stevie Lip Piercing
Petit Chat RAM bracelets-Leather black
Zenith Harmoni Harness
Zenith Harmoni Top
Blueberry – Mili – Boots&Stockings
in.SANITY Ride or Die Skirt
Limerence Sona hair

Crazy for Fashion

You came in
That’s what my little heart was looking for
Laughter in the rain
Feeling like a fool in love again

DeLa sheer thigh high Tintable Stockings “Leni”
Rozoregalia Arosenkavalier Hat
Jumo Yotta Diamond Jewelry Set
in.SANITY Destiny
Chop Zuey Lumineux Womens Brooch
Plastix Bambi Jacket
Truth hair Curious
Pacadi Jasha Mairey Leather Belt

Look at me, here I am,
I will take control.

Look at me, here I am,
I will take control.
Look at me, here I am,
We Have Assumed Control.

It couldn’t go on like this,
Time to make a change,
See how the heads will roll,
A King in my own Kingdom,
The way it’s meant to be,

I have seized control.

grim bros generator x k
grim bros Steampunk Stole My Heart
in.SANITY Spaced Out with boots – Maitreya