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This space between us
Where wingless dreams fall earless
Will you not bear me witness
With your back to me now

It seemed so unnerving
Still somehow deserving
That she could hold my heart so tightly
And still not see me here, oh

Background Crystals and Pictures



LODE Head Accessory – Muskare

DOUX – Pixie Hairstyle

Hollywood Glam – M Lara in.SANITY

[HJ] Klimt Collection

Down the line-don’t go over
There’s a limit-you went over
So much time-time runs out
Time ran out- make it down
Would you like to go to heaven tonight


Heartsdale Jewellery

Blueberry – Demi – Faux Fur Stole
Dandeleone Delight in.SANITY
Stealthic – Ivy
Heartsdale Jewellery Dholki Necklace and Earrings

Crazy about fashion

Heartsdale Jewellery – Calla Collection

in. Sanity Bel Fiore Dress

RE Iverne Arm Warmers & Rings

[HJ] BoHo Luna Collection (unpacked)

Stealthic – Dice

Spring Dance – in.SANITY

Crazy About Fashion

Rosemary in.SANITY Gown
Stealthic – Dice (L Head)
Heartsdale Jewellery Kumari Bangles
Heartsdale Jewellery Mists of Avalon Necklace and Earrings

You just need to get away

Its so nice to be able to escape into the virtual world, walk away from the stress of the real world, and just do anything!!

Sintiklia – Hair Dakota Unrigged&resized
in.SANITY Summer Magic Shorts and Summer Magic Top
Heartsdale Jewellery Dulhania Alge Accessories

When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be

POISON ROUGE Nanako Beret – Pride At Home Transgender -Available in 4 Textures with the colors of the flags LGTB, Transgender, Gay & Lesbian

Madison Ave. – Lara in.SANITY Release at SL20 Event Opens 6/26/22

I don’t belong in the world, that’s what it is
Something separates me from other people
Everywhere I turn, there’s something blocking my escape

It took thirteen beaches to find one empty
But finally, it’s mine
With drippin’ peaches, I’m camera ready
Almost all the time

SwimSuit – Oceana – Lara in.SANITY
TRUTH / Destiny / Size 2 + Wisps
Heartsdale Jewellery Solaris Collection
Loovus – Kulinda Sunglasses – Amethyst

Crazy about Fashion

Poison Rouge Sakae Hairpin @ Tokyo Zero

Heartsdale Jewellery – Krystanna Heritage Accessories

In.Sanity Dress – Precious

Crazy About Fashion

You left without time for me to see
The full event that took the place of me
I felt the pain, saw the strife
The walls moved in, my thoughts will spin

.Shi : Eirene / Her
group gift – Rendezvous – in.SANITY
Heartsdale Jewellery Dark Romance Collar, Cuff and Earrings