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These fickle fuddled words confuse me
Like will it rain today
We waste the hours with talking talking
These twisted games we’re playing

Zibska @ we ❤ roleplay

Zibska Fugit Makeup @ we ❤ roleplay
Zibska Larkin makeup @ we ❤ roleplay
ERSCH – Cupid Briefs
ERSCH – Cupid Cloth
Zibska Fugit Headpiece @ we ❤ roleplay
monso Maytika Hair@ Anthem

Crazy About Fashion

I saw the gap again today
While you were begging me to stay
Take care not to make me enter
If I do, we both may disappear

Zibska – Senz Lips, eyes and Blush @ Jail Event

LolaPop– Chiroptera Ears

Zibska Tyche Tattoo & Headpiece and adornment @ Abstrakt Event

Poison Rouge – Violent Seduction Collar – Scripted and unscripted @ Kinky Event

Vango Hair – Jonas @ Man Cave

Crazy about Fashion

TAOX – The Awakening Of The Dragon Tat
Reliquary! Morbid Gorget
Reliquary! Tangle of Eyes
Reliquary! The Grim Ranger’s Knives/ Skinning Knife/ Unscripted
Pure Poison – Mhedusa Headdress
Noble Creations Guardian
Noble Creations Ragnarock Bracers
Noble Creations Vanguard Kilt

Photo taken at Zone88

Crazy about Fashion

Heartsdale Jewellery

Crazy About Fashion

FAKEICON / sheer top / simple black / 20% trans BOM
Okara Store:. T1612:. BEARD-2K22
Rock Tattoo Hairbase Lelutka Evox – Tribal
Lolapop! – Chiroptera (black)
JEYS-DOMENTOR Suit, pants and shoes
Modulus – Jeremy Hair
Heartsdale Jewellery] Dhoom Necklace and Earrings