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If only one thing that you know
Imposters from the show
They’ll try to trick you into
Normal treatment
Oh don’t you listen to them say
Shush them all away
I am the demon cleaner
Madman so
I am the freedom cleaner
Standing naked here to say
I’m the only way…

Knife Party Bloody Mouth
Tutti Belli – Bloodline
BOM TATTOO – face scars
KNIFU. Breed Demons Tattoo Dark
Hexed – Flower Life Hairbase
BeSpoke – HornBase – Demonic
BeSpoke – Incubus Akribus
R The Lodestone Heart
CURELESS Corvus Manteau
CURELESS Nepenthes Cassock Skirt
CURELESS Nepenthes Gauntlets
CURELESS Nepenthes Glove
CURELESS Nepenthes Suit
POISON ROUGE Lilitu Horns Black Silver The Arcade
Random Matter – Vered Mantle Warm
GA.EG Dripping Blood

BackGround – VORTECH Nightmare Portal – Portal to Vortech & What’s lost Spirits

WLS – ORNATE SKULL (Bronze) @ Fantasy Faire

Poison Rouge Exclusive at ANTHEM Available in 6 Textures

Background Building – What’s Lost Spirits – Secret Room behind the Toy Shelf

Heartsdale Jewellery – the Arcade


[RD] Hand/Finger Tattoo

WeArH0uSE [TornColors] Black

BodyArts Tattoo – Umbra Blackout 100%

Tentation MakeUp FACE #5 – With Body Tattoo –

no.match_EVOX Hairbase – cappucchino


L’Emporio&PL::Tormento::-Maitreya Lara-


POISON ROUGE Heathen Hearth Hat -Black /Silve

[HJ] Maya Armband Silver

The only place where you can dream
Living here is not what it seems

Ship of white light in the sky
Nobody there to reason why
Here I am, I’m not really there
Smiling faces ever so rare
Let’s walk in deepest space
Living here just isn’t the place

WLS – PUPPET (Bunneh) Midnight Order
WLS – PUPPET (Victor Iniquitous) -Midnight Order

+Nuuna+ Silmad V1 White 60% Midnight Order
+Nuuna+ Silmad BASE Male black

True Damage-Crystal Blood Mouth

-SU!– Glam Gore Queen Eyes Mourn

+KP+ Blood Tears


RZ. Deadly Face Tattoos Full

-SU!- Glam Gore Queen Eyes II

.Shi : Kadosh

AsteroidBox. Florian Pants and Boots – Midnight Order

RAWR! Merciless Claws Legacy

Zibksa Fechin Headpiece and Shoulders

Zibska Ilona Collar and Orbits

[CX] Bloody Strigoi’s Fangs


-SU!- Glam Gore Queen Eyes Mourn

I’m gonna live tooth, fang, and claw
I’m gonna live, and I live my way
Watch me live tooth, fang, and claw
Watch me live an extra day

Nefekalum New Release @ Midnight Order

Nefekalum – Shaman Series (Water) Black // Evo X Tattoo

Nefekalum – Genesis w/ Stripe (Black / Gold) // Tattoo

-SU!- Glam Gore Queen Eyes II

Glassy Maktub Store – Nails Stiletto Man

Nefekalum – Helmingr Halo (Resize Scripted) // Add

NOCHE. Auryn Sarong (Loose). Black

NOCHE. Hand Bandage Black

REKT_Undead Hat UNRigged
REKT_Undead Helm
REKT_Undead Neck

[V.C.LAB] Favorite. cape

Tell me the legends of long ago
When the kings and queens would dance in the realm of the Black Rose
Play me the melodies I want to know
So I can teach my children, oh

Pray tell me the story of young Cuchulainn
How his eyes were dark his expression sullen
And how he’d fight and always won
And how they cried when he was fallen

RE Mythical Beasts Rings

PKC LeL EVO X Dorian Earrings – Female Elf

POISON ROUGE Souls of the Night – Black

[The DeadBoy] Morus Tongue 1.5

By the last breath the fourth winds blow
Better raise your ears
The sound of hooves knock at your door
Lock up your wife and children now
It’s time to wield the blade
For now you’ve got some company

The Horsemen are drawing nearer
On leather steeds they ride
They’ve come to take your life
On through the dead of night
With The Four Horsemen ride
Or choose your fate and die

Nefekalum – Reveal (Rust/Full/Less Highlight) // Tattoo

BeSpoke – Monster of Famine at Hallow Manor exclusive

Cinphul Grace II SciFi at Boots Necrotize

Noble Creations Necromancer Skirt

Sick and tired of getting older
I keep getting lost trying to find my way
Looking for love in every corner
Night after night
But every street light looks the same

So I’m taking the chance, walking away, breaking the rules
Nobody here can tell me what to do
I’m out on my own, making my way
Trying to be someone that I can be proud of one day
I’m out on my own, doing it my way

Exclusive at Anthem
 Arcade Event. 1-30 September

Heartsdale Jewellery @ The Arcade

Poison Rouge @ Anthem

S-CLUB SHANE hairstyle – 240622 FATPACK

The only place where you can dream
Living here is not what it seems
Ship of white light in the sky
Nobody there to reason why
Here I am, I’m not really there
Smiling faces ever so rare
Let’s walk in deepest space

Whats lost spirits

I love this place – everything sold there is fantastic…

BeSpoke – Hybrid Pig Charlie
Gild Momochi playstyle_pants_and top
Gild Loose arm covers @ Fameshed
Nefekalum – Helmingr Halo
Background Goodies from What’s Lost Spirits

Crazy About Fashion

A groan of tedium escapes me
Startling the fearful
Is this a test? It has to be
Otherwise I can’t go on
Draining patience, drain vitality
This paranoid, paralyzed vampire act’s a little old

.Shi Koum @ Sci Fi Con
Zibska Orcus Makeup and Face / Head Accessories @ Cyber Punk Fair

BackDrop Info:
What’s Lost Spirits

 For basketball fans across the country, the No. 23 often conjures up images of Michael Jordan soaring across a basketball court in a Chicago Bulls jersey. Considered one of the NBA’s greatest players, Jordan remains one of the most well-known athletes years after his retirement.

In Second Life, Legal Insanity remains to be the best in casual wear for males and females. The Trina Jersey shirt is sold in multiple different styles and colors.


poses by L.A. BoS
Legal Insanity – Trina jersey shirt Lara @ Tres Chic
Chop Zuey Matangi Rishi – accessories
Steelhead Low Ride Leggings [Omega Applier]
Zibska Noir Pack Vol 14 Lelutka Applier –  Vol 14 includes black makeup in 12 styles with Lelutka, LAQ, Catwa & Omega appliers and system tattoos.
Zibska Till Lips Lelutka Applier