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Sinner rider, rides in with the storm
The Devil rides beside him
The Devil is his god, God help you mourn
Do you, do you hear it, do you hear the thunder?
Deafen every living thing about
Can you, can you see it, can you?
See the mountains darken yonder
Black sun rising, time is running out

What’s Lost Spirits – 5 Sins – Greed – Lust <male & female> – Envy – Pride

THIS IS WRONG Contamination tattoo Body BLACK FADED – BoM

Wicca’s Originals – Sarya Bindi – & makeup
Heartsdale Jewellery – Thor Accessories
Zibska Inner Hat
Zibska Inner Mask

WLS – 5 sins characters & WLS – GIANT HOUSE SL18B

Say hello again, my friends
I’ve got to go
The ritual calls to me
Screams twist in harmony

Blinding lights reveal
Thoughts that should not be
The ritual calls to me
Silent insanity

Zibska Liliane Eye Makeup
Pity Party Plum Hairbase
KNIFU Breed Demons Tattoo Light
Zibska Fiametta Lips
Mandala Stretched Ears Season2
Labyrinth– Goat Beard
POISON ROUGE Caroline’s Ritual Hat @ Cosmo
Poison Rouge
TECHNOFOLK_Unanswered Coat

And in the end
The love you take
Is equal to the love you make

ZibskaMay round at We Love Role-play

Liliane Set includes headpiece, headpiece orbits, shoulders and bead collar orbit with 16 colours for headpiece main, petal sections 1/2/3 and beads

Liliane Makeup – 16 colours in 3 transparencies

Vera Set includes headpiece in left & right sections and collar in front/back/left/right sections with 36 colours for sections 1/2/3 via HUD

Vera Makeup – 12 colours in 3 transparencies

Rhea Eyemakeup – GIFT – 15 colours 2 transaprencies

Silvery K..:*Sparkling fur coat

Dope & Mercy Pale light Corset and pants

Sintiklia – Hair Prince

 April round at Abstrakt Event

Cosmetic packs both include 18 colours in 3 transparencies and are compatible only with Lelutka heads with the EVO X uv option and include tattoo & universal tattoo BOM layers.

Zibska @ Abstract Event

You’ve got my body, flesh and bone
The sky above, the Earth below

Raise me up again
Take me past the edge
I want to see the other side

I’ve got a river running right into you
I’ve got a blood trail, red in the blue
Something you say or something you do
The taste of the divine

BeSpoke – Ghoul Necrotic – Head (male)

Zibska Cillian Crown and Accessories @ we ❤ Role Play

Zibska Livia Headpiece @ we ❤ Role Play

The Observer – Arc

We listen to the tales and romanticize
How we’d follow the path of the hero
Boast about the day when the rivers overrun
How we rise to the height of our halo
Listen to the tales as we all rationalize
Our way into the arms of the savior
Feigning all the trials and the tribulations
None of us have actually been there
Not like you

Zibska new releases for the March round at Chronicles & Legends.


VIRGINIA Tattoo Neck Fade root (EVOX) (BOM)

no.match_EVOX Hairbase – coal

Zibska Francie Makeup & Accessories & Orbits @ Chronicles and Legends

.Shi : Hair Carabiner


Madame Noir mesh eye

Nefekalum Accessories – Scavenger’s Cord
Nefekalum – Sidhe #01 // Tattoo


Wicca’s Originals – Barclay Hand Legacy

Pose By BodyArts

Pose and Top are sold together

Cold as steel, the darkness waits its hour will come
A cry of fear from our children worshipping the sun
Mother nature’s black revenge on those who wasted her life
War babies in the garden of Eden shall turn our ashes to ice

Nefekalum – Neptune Armor We Love Role-play
Nefekalum – Neptune Base 11 – We Love Role Play
Zibska Anemone Accessories – We Love Role-play
Zibska Dagrun Deux Face Mask – We Love Role-play

Nefekalum – Neptune

I am the night
I am the day
I am the light gone astray
The fear that’s in your bones
That is I, I am the taker of souls

We Love Role-play new releases

VIRGINIA Tattoo Neck Fade root (EVOX)
Nefekalum TattoosT – Arise (Black) // Tattoo
EGX. BOM Nelson Facial Hair 1
RaonHair 16 Jealous HB Black
Zibska Lirain Lips
Zibska Aitne Eyemakeup and Face Makeup @ we ❤ roleplay
Reliquary The Lodestone Heart
Miss Black – Mesh Eyes
Noche. Porter Loin Cloth Black
RAWR! Merciless Claws Legacy MALE
RO – Baphomet Horns – Infernal
S&P harness Lincoln
Zibska Aitne Collar @ we ❤ roleplay

The only place where you can dream
Living here is not what it seems

Ship of white light in the sky
Nobody there to reason why
Here I am, I’m not really there
Smiling faces ever so rare
Let’s walk in deepest space
Living here just isn’t the place

WLS – PUPPET (Bunneh) Midnight Order
WLS – PUPPET (Victor Iniquitous) -Midnight Order

+Nuuna+ Silmad V1 White 60% Midnight Order
+Nuuna+ Silmad BASE Male black

True Damage-Crystal Blood Mouth

-SU!– Glam Gore Queen Eyes Mourn

+KP+ Blood Tears


RZ. Deadly Face Tattoos Full

-SU!- Glam Gore Queen Eyes II

.Shi : Kadosh

AsteroidBox. Florian Pants and Boots – Midnight Order

RAWR! Merciless Claws Legacy

Zibksa Fechin Headpiece and Shoulders

Zibska Ilona Collar and Orbits

[CX] Bloody Strigoi’s Fangs


-SU!- Glam Gore Queen Eyes Mourn

Oh, she’s an old-time ambassador
Of sweet talking, night walking games
And she’s known in the darkest clubs
For pushing ahead of the dames

Well, if she says she can do it
Then she can’t do it, she don’t make false claims
But she’s a queen and such a queen
Such a laughter is sucked in their brains

Heartsdale Jewellery exclusively at Uber during the valentine round.

Zibska @ Midnight Order

Zibska Vasylna Makeup
Zibska Vasylna Lips
Zibska Vasylna Blush
Zibska Vasylna Hat
Vasylna Collection @ Midnight Order 20 Jan – 20 Feb

[GA.EG] Ultimate Eyes

Heartsdale Jewellery
Heartsdale Jewellery Valentina Collection @ Uber