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Or at Swank1

Same Advertisment

.Or. Same Dress @ Swank

Sold for Standard Mesh Shapes In black and white

Background by Prey

Pose by L.A. Bos

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEW NEW NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 awesome NEW props, 3 gorgeous NEW Winter Backgrounds, 2 NEW Single pose sets for the ladies, 1 NEW single Pose set for men and a wise ass NEW single pose (just 50L).
60L Items have also been loaded and are for sale in the store.

Take a look at the awesome new Sports Bar Prop


The sports bar has 4 pose balls built in,  but,  its modify so  you can add your own poses as well


Happy Shopping!!!


New releases from Katink

Cemetary Background Pack #3 and new poses for a 360 Degree rotation

360 Degree 0 Pose

Bonus background #2

90 degree pose

Bonus background 1

180 degree pose

Cemetary background 31

270 Degree pose

Background 31

Shown is Katink 360 Poses Set 6 which also comes with full turn animation

Katink Cemetary Background Pack #3

New Release Boots From Latreia – Tailiea in Black

Coco Ruffle Skirt

Countdown Liberty tie

Loq Hair Grappa

Madrid Solo- Ozzy makeup

Finesmith Externalized

EC – Slutti Parts

Diram Parts

[ SAKIDE ] Pretty Present Top White 2


Latreia –

Yesterday I was styling up to take a pic for a photo contest in a fall theme.  I had a few questions and ended up meeting up with Steele who was styled fall as well, so I asked Sirnah to jump up on the tree and blog with me (Again)  This blog has so much to chew on.  Hope you enjoy your Blog Salad.

I am wearing the BWH hunt gift by Prism.    There’s quite a few hunts going on right now and if you head to Prism your sure to find 3 different hunt gifts there as well as the new group gift and some other free goodies on the counter.

OTFC has their October store set up and you can find the purse and shoes I am wearing there as well.  The shoes have prim feet and color changing on the toenails and shoe itself.  All the colors of the rainbow in one hud makes for easy styling.

There are gifts GALORE at Chop Zuey.  Head there soon as Belle is celebrating her birthday and sharing quite a bit of jewelry for her group members, also some freebies for non group.  You can go there today and get the entire Harvest set.  Necklace, earrings, braceltes and ring.  ALL FREE but not for long.

My hat is from Bliss and I have modified the texture to match the purse and belt.

My pose is Posesion Mantis 5.

Steele is wearing the newly released Dustin outfit from Legal Insanity.  That comes in multiple different sizes and colors.  It’s a one piece pants/shirt mesh outfit.

He is also wearing Costa Creations Boots, Scarf, socks and leg warmers from the Dandy outfit.

The background is Katink’s fall background in set #2.   Katink is up and running and has alot of freebies and group gifts as well.  The new store looks FAB.

Here’s your rides

Legal Insanity



Costa Creations:

Chop Zuey