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Legal Insanity is always on the cutting edge of casual chic with a touch of rebel attitude in their clothes.  Their newest release is just another example of their fine quality clothing with a touch of attitude.

Legal Skullz Posesion Poses_001

The “rockstar” outfit comes in so many different colors its crazy.  There is a color change hud for the belt with a hud to change the top’s style.

Legal Skullz Posesion Poses_002

My poses are by Posesion Poses.  Dahriels new release “regina” set.

Also Worn:

Forbidden Butterfly – Candy Apple Red Lip Gloss
Analog Dog birthday earth hair
Blueberry Kimmy *Mesh* Legwarmers  Black
Blueberry Kimmy *Mesh* Sneakers
Legal Insanity – Rockstar outfit black – skulls
Silken Moon Pecan Black Abs

Do you have a fashion emergency?  I have your answer

Legal Insanity, Silken Moon and Katink to the rescue

Katink recently released a whole slew of new poses called “Haute”.  You’ll see a few in this blog post.

Background Set “call for help” by Katink

 Haute Poses

My Corset top is an exclusive from Legal Insanity for Rock Your Rack

There are many different colors to choose from.

Skirt is “Liz” mini skirt


Headpiece and earrings – Legal Insanity – available at the showroom


Hair – Tableau Vivant

Makeup SYS


My sexy shoes are a new release from Silken Moon (Slink MID)

Peep Shoe Pumps come in 11 different colors

peep Peep ad

The Showroom


Tableau Vivant

Silken Moon


Legal Insanity

Rock your Rack

Sharing a dream, on an Island, it felt right


New couple pose by Katink “Let’s Go” – Comes with Hat (which is held in hand, see photo below)

Katink Surf Board – Comes with HUD

on Carla Cardalines:

FINESMITH tiger sunglasses
KaTink – Surf Board
Legal Insanity – summer suit Hokeo Hawaii gold *NEW*
MIAMAI_Happydays wicker hat – gold panama *NEW* – Comes with Color Change HUD
Silken Moon Pecan Black Abs Skin

On Steele Sirnah:

GizzA – BoardShorts [Nautical] Size *NEW*
~Tableau Vivant~ Sean Skin – Tone 06 A
Madrid Solo Deuce Eyes- (System)- Rare Earth *NEW*  Greek Island Gatcha Event

A:S:S – Slink Nails “Rain” NEW



KaTink - Surfboard

KaTink - Let's Go 1

Looking for Patchwork apparel?  Look no further.  Check out the new patchwork slim pants just released by Legal Insanity


“Stefani” slim pants come in 14 different styles  **MESH**


Silken Moon “Pecan” skin is just one of the new skins released by Silken Moon as part of the “P” line.

Each skin comes with appliers for slink hands and feet and other option.

Silken Moon Eclipse Lips FFL 2013 Sunset BLV – Makeup
Silken Moon Deep Eyes Smoke Lilac – Makeup
Blueberry Carla *Mesh* Open Cardigan  Brown
Legal Insanity – stefani slim pants patchwork – yellow *NEW*
Chop Zuey River Rocks Jewelry Set
Silken Moon Pecan Black Abs Skin *NEW*

New releases from Blueberry and SilkenMoon

Blueberry recently released the cutest strapless mini dress with tied up knot tops that come either opened or closed giving you 3 different looks.


The dress comes in many different colors.  For this look I am wearing the white strapless mini with the “open” knotted up top.

I just love the “Missy” dress.  The **MESH** Dress comes in different sizes and with lola appliers.


My skin is a new release from Silken Moon.  This is “Pecan”.

Pecan comes with Slink hand and feet appliers and also includes different tattoo layers for the body.

My awesome shoes are from BSD Design Studios “post modernism -nude croco”

Silken Moon


BSD Design Studios

Spring is finally here.

It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine.

With that rain and sunshine, comes the rainbow, and it was soaked up by A Silken Moon




Silken Moon ES Butterfly Purple
Silken Moon Simone Lips Purple
Silken Moon Twisted Nights Eye liners
Silken Moon Simone Tintable Eyebrows
Finesmith – Aesthetic Value Set
Silken Moon 7 Gown
Bizarre Hair “Epic Stars” Hair
Silken Moon Simone Cool Pale Canvas Nat Skin
Silken Moon Simone Eyebrows

Is it enough to love?
Is it enough to breathe?
Somebody rip my heart out
And leave me here to bleed
Is it enough to die?
Somebody save my life
I’d rather be anything but ordinary please

Silken Moon’s Metaphor


Metaphor comes in a multitude of different colors and textures.  *MESH*

  The dress can be worn with or without the pants.  I love it with the pants and built in boots.


Worn with:

Silken Moon


Silken Moon Cherry Blossom Full makeup
Violator-Duchesse-White-Choker, Chest Double Cross chest piece and earrings
Silken Moon Simone Cool Pale Canvas CL Skin
Silken Moon Simone Eyebrows

Check out the new MESH release from Legal Insanity “maya” jeans

The jeans come in so many different colors and styles you have to head down to check them out for yourself.  Shown are DOPE and LEO.  You can find other styles, such as, Flames, Hatemyswag, Kissmybutt and more.  All sold in blues, greys, black, and dark blue.


You also get a HUD to change the color and texture of the buckle and buttons.

With all jeans you get Mesh sizes from XS to L to fit you perfect.

Legal Insanity

Newness from ZED and a sneak peek at couple poses from J’adore plus Silken Moon Skin

jadore couple pose_001J’adore couple pose 001

Snapshot_001::ZED:: MESH Maroon Doppio Petto Double Breasted Suit
::ZED:: MESH Maroon Ahmarni Formal Shoes

Morgane Poses Saviad_001::ZED:: Taliored suit skirt
::ZED:: Taliored suit vest
::ZED:: Viraj Python Leather Boots

Morgane Poses Saviad_002

Silken Moon Autumn Eyes Purple
Silken Moon Eclipse Lips FFL 2013 After Midnight
Silken Moon Deep Eyes Silver
Silken Moon Simone Cool Pale Canvas CL
Silken Moon Simone Eyebrows

Silken Moon



I’m so ready for spring and tired of winter.  How about you?

Legal Insanity is helping us ease into spring with a fabulous new spring dress collection.


Boots are always a sexy touch to any look.


The dress comes in many different colors.

The handbag add’s a bit of color.

Ursula Poses_002Poses by Posesion – Ursula Set


Blueberry Poula *Mesh* Leather Boots
Silken Moon Simone Brunette
Silken Moon Deep Eyes Charcoal
SM Eclipse Canvas EB Brown
Legal Insanity – Juliette dress soft chevron bronze
{{BSD Design studio}}my bamboo bag -yellow
Silken Moon Simone Cool Pale Canvas CL
Silken Moon Simone Eyebrows