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Step right up
Ladies and gentlemen
Come and see
Feast your eyes hopefully
Some say they are aliens
Some say they are strangers
Some say they are not of this world
We will not conform to the masters
Whether they support or whether they attack us
Come one, come all
Welcome to the freak show


FREAKSHOW – Carnivale opens on Friday the 28th of October

Ghee has a number of fantastic outfits for the event

Above –  Ring Mistress – comes with shoes for KITTEN feet Slink

ghee-scala-freakshow-big-top ghee-scala-freakshow-couture-clown ghee-scala-freakshow-latex-woman ghee-scala-freakshow-ring-mistress ghee-scala-freakshow-fortune-teller

News Flash

Socialite WrenNoir Cerise has been murdered and burglarized! They took all of her Finesmith jewelry AND stabbed her FIVE times! They must have really wanted her dead!
We need your help to find her killer!

December 1st – 8th, 2013

Supporting ASPCA

Finesmith Murder Mystery

Each object will be for sale for 10L.

The Object will give you that designer’s gift and the LM to the next platform. Eliminate one of the suspects at each platform (Check the texture for the list of suspects), and narrow it down to the killer at the end!


Isomotion Dancer Pose Set

From Lybra  – Clown Couture

The Suspects

Finesmith Murder Mystery Hunt Start Here