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Rock attitude is a style which doesn’t go out of fashion.

It is a desire for freedom before any and there is no age too old to have rock attitude!

Express yourself through fashion, head to the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair HUNT

Legal Insanity Exclusive


Tori Rocker Top MESH comes in Croco Natural, Leather Jaguar (shown), Red Leather and many more styles.

Vortex Earrings_002

And a new release from Fall From Grace

Midnight Reflection-Earrings

For more information on the Rock Fair click Here

Fall From Grace

Silken Moon Powder Skin ***NEW***

Silken Moon Simone Lips Copper

Blueberry Leather Ankle Boots
FATAL Arcane Leather Pants black




Iruco Thin knit v (bk)
::ZED:: MESH Riding Boots Black
FATAL Arcane Leather Pants
::ZED:: Cool Shades MESH Sunglasses – Smooth Black
::ZED:: Hardcore Trench Coat – White
Chop Zuey Dual and Balance – Men’s Brooch
Moondance Male Hand Metallic Monochrome
Chop Zuey The Hand of God Mens Necklace
iruco hair27 black

With flowers blooming this spring, it’s no wonder that you will fall in love with the pretty petals on this blue and white outfit by Fatal Eclectic Fashion. This delightfully Fashionable outfit is the perfect blend of retro, traditional, and fashion-forward feminine.


Paired with my teddy bear handbag and open shoes and braided hair, your a beautiful bloom.


All Poses by Posesion Mannequin pose set


eXxEsS : INDRA ash blond
FATAL Retro Summer Capri Nav
FINESMITH moonlight sunglasses
Finesmith Nails – BonBon
FINESMITH- Here comes the sun – Ring  sheridans
{{BSD Design studio}} teddy bag – vintage set
{{BSD Design studio}}Less is more shoes
7 Deadly Skins Lust B4a T1 DEF

Who doesn’t want to look their best when it’s time to go out.

“Clean shirt, new shoes
and I don’t know where I am goin’ to.
Silk suit, black tie,
I don’t need a reason why.

They come runnin’ just as fast as they can, cause every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man”

ZZ Top got that right!


Fatal Eclectic Fashion and Gizza Creations have released new lines that make you one sharp dressed man.

The vested shirts by Fatal are 3 layers of mesh shirts that come with a color change hud to change the layer colors of the vest, the back of the outer vest, the shirt and cuffs and buttons.  The combination you can use is endless.

Ruff also wears from Fatal the Arcane leather pants with accessories from Zed and Chop Zuey.

Steele wears the new release from Gizza Men’s mesh casual black pants and accessories from Mandala.

BSD Design banker’s bags make a great accessory as well, the bags come closed or open with its own accessories and Forbes magazine.

Dress to impress with Fatal, Gizza and BSD Design’s and accessorize to the nine’s with Zed, Mandala and Chop Zuey.

Some newness from Fatal Eclectic Fashion and a favorite from Rotten Defiance

Legal Rotten Blog_001

Rotten Defiance Paint the Roses Red Full-Shirt-Tucked
Finesmith Kick shoes
Rotten Defiance Lacuna Coil Jacket
FATAL Arcane Leather Pants Black
Egoisme – Metropolitan Safari Giraffe – fashion belt

New releases by Chop Zuey and Fatal Ecletic Fashion and a favorite of mine from Mary Jane Shoes


Chop Zuey “Mystery” in gold the set also comes in silver.

Boobie the Christmas Elf has outdone himself this year too, Boobie will be leaving gifts for group members and non group members so head on down and pick up your presents and check out the Mystery set in gold while your there.


Fatal Ecletic Fashions recently released “Jewel” shown in green, Jewel comes in many different colors.

Fatal also has a boat load of gifts for you this Christmas.  Head on down to Fatal and get your gifts and check out all the awesome fashions available while your there.

One of my favorite pairs of boots are “Snarky” from Mary Jane Shoes.  MJS has some new releases out and group gifts for men and women.  Check out the new releases while your there as well.



Mary Jane Shoes:

Chop Zuey:


Peace On Earth Hunt  began on December 1, 2012 and runs until January 6, 2013.  The hunt features some well known designers along with some up and coming designers – 200 designers altogether.  Gifts range from clothing for men and women, furniture and homes, toys, hair, accessories, and many more.

POE5 Official Poster jpg [NEW]

From Dahlinks Holiday Peace Pendant set comes with earrings too


FATAL Duover Cardigan
FATAL Horizon Jeans


CIRCA – “Boho Winter” Lounger set -includes table and tree over 14 animations

The 5th Annual PEACE ON EARTH Hunt

December 1, 2012 – January 6, 2013.

The POE hunt offers some incredible furniture  for decorating your home,  but here I will show you what you can do with your land.

LD Wood Gazebo with cloth canopy, snow roof and ground, reindeer, all kinds of animations and fun things inside.

 Tranquility Island by The Strawberry_004

Tranquility Island by the Strawberry Box, the Island is a large piece of snow and an iceskating rink.  The island is also decorated with trees, a snowman and a park bench.

Tranquility Island by The Strawberry_005

I mixed my look with some items from the hunt, from Fatal Ecletic Fashion Horizon Jeans,  My cardigan is from Dot-B and my shoes from IW, as part of  the Theo outfit.

Tranquility Island by The Strawberry_003

The necklace is from DCD called Malala

Tranquility Island by The Strawberry_002

The back of the Dot-B jacket “Peace”

Tranquility Island by The Strawberry_001

Here’s another look at the island, I placed the gazebo on it and it made an awesome addition.

POE 2_001

The Muse is offering up 5 fun poses as well.

[FAQ] Campfire_001

I started a nice little fire with the campfire gift  from FAQ.  There’s a number of different animations on this set.

Thanks to all the designers that have put all these great gifts out.

POE5 Official Poster jpg [NEW]

 Legal Insanity –  low rise pink jeans
Rotten Defiance  – Swagger PeepToe Shoes
Rotten Defiance – Addicted to House T-Shirt-Black*
 Fatal Ecletic Fashion – Rockin Leather Jacket
eXxEsS : PEACOCK black 2 hair
Rotten Defiance Nailed-Cotton Candy-Nails with Rings


Rotten Defiance:


Legal Insanity:

New Releases by Posesion, Fatal Ecletic Fashion and Finesmith

There’s a few new couple poses released by Posesion, the first shown is  Posesion  “Dolce” couple pose.

Fatal new release “Steele Dream’s” Pants worn by Carla Cardalines and “Arcane” Leather pants worn by Ruff Rufus

FinesmithMorning Sun” necklace and earrings

Posesion L’Amour couple pose

Also worn by Carla Cardalines Finesmith Wild Things in Black and Finesmith Kick boots by Ruff Rufus.

FATAL Ravaged Onyx top