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Zibska fetish_001

Zibska @ the Fetish Fair 19 August – 02 September

set by L.A. BoS – on Sale for limited time before its gone forever 75L

Zibska ~ Sade

Zibska ~ Saphira Dress

Zibska ~ Sabine Top

Zibska ~ Sabine Skirt

I will wait
I will not break
I give all I am to be with you
When your ready to take
All that you want me to give
It will be worth the wait


Fatal Eclectic Fashion Sanshi Dress *New* in black

Valentines Day is just around the corner so what better way to get the love fest started than to have a sale?  From now through Valentines Day, ALL, yes ALL of the Sense and Sensuality line will be marked down 50%.  AND just to put the cherry on top, If it’s red, it’s 1/2 off too!  That includes new releases and menswear.  See you soon!

Sense and Sensuality advertisment:


Here’s your taxi!

FATAL Valentine Sale