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Andrew vested suit in Summer

The Andrew suit is made in standard mesh sizes and sold in Blue, Mango, Marine, Pink, Red and Teal

Gizza TMD






Outfit – Gizza Yummy Hearts  – boots included

Jewelry – Chop Zuey – A Thousand Kisses

Hair – .shi– Kadosh



GizzA –  Andrew Vested Suit Tweed (MESH)

Suit comes in blue, black and soil colors with multiple color change hud to change colors on shirt, vest jacket and more

Pose by L.A. BoS

Where have you been?
I’ve looked for you for ever and a day
Where have you been?
I’m just not myself when you’re away



zibska-2 zibska1

Zibska – Luise Lashes

Zibska – Nereza Lips


Gizza – Thyra outfit – Kinky Event

Hair .Shi Kadosh

Pose – L.A. BoS

Shaded crystal water, bathed in by God’s daughter
Sighing, whispers near, a new season passes here
Sensory gifts to all who come
Soak up the stars and setting sun
It’s strange and wilder, ageless bechilder
Saved by fire, touched and finer
Gray stands the tower in the distance
Days pass like warm sun on the face, a new season
Shared is the cure to conquer loneliness
It’s strange and wilder, ageless bechilder
Saved by fire, touched and finer
Peaceful, blissful union is the priestess
Doubt flows the river into darkness

zGizza Summer Dress_001[Ethnic]                    [Coral&Serenity]

 GizzA – Sunny Beach Dress ***NEW***
Also worn with Coral&Serenity:
Makeup – Madrid Solo
Madrid Solo – Eyes & Lips- Insanity Plea Vendor
Madrid Solo – Eye Designs-Lying Eyes
 Madrid Makeup_001Chop Zuey Accessories – Aphrodite
Madrid Solo Mesh Eyes – Deuce – Blues
**New** Madrid Solo– HyperReal LipGloss for Lelutka Appliers (above)
Madrid Mesh Heads
Mesh Head Appliers New from Madrid Solo
Catwa and Lelutka ONLY

Perhaps you’ve heard the following:

“The days of wearing a suit are gone.”
“Casual Friday? It’s casual week around here. No one cares how you dress.”
“Appearances are irrelevant, only results matter.”

All of these statements ignore the fact that people have and will continue to judge you by your appearance.The harsh reality is that we make decisions about people within the first 3 seconds of meeting them; we then spend the next 90 seconds trying to confirm our first impressions.This means that before you even open your mouth you’ve been sized up and profiled. Knowing this, a person should always dress neatly, professionally, and appropriately.The fact is you never know who you are going to meet; at anytime you may run into a potential client, a future employer, or for those singles out there, the love of your life. And like it or not, they are going to form their initial impression of you based off of how you look.

Gizza Creations makes fashion for men easy!

The Gizza man

GizzA – Andrew Vested Suit [Blue]

Gizza Creations


You’re always on the run now
Runnin’ after somebody
You’ve gotta get him somehow
I think you’ve got to slow down
Before you start to blow it
I think you’re headin’ for a breakdown
So be careful not to show it
You really don’t remember
Was it somethin’ that he said?
All the voices in your head
Gizza and Beaches Pose Swank_002
Gizza Creations Gloria Outfit
L.A. BoS Poses “Beaches” @ Swank Events

GizzA – Michelle Knitted Dress


GizzA – Witney Outfit

Chelle Gizza Full Outfit_001outfit complete with Shoes, Glasses and purse

Gizza Creations

*LODE* Headwear

gizza_001Pose – L.A. BoS @ ZeroModa

Gizza – Nico Skinny Jeans

Gizza Lakua Cardigan Vest set

Well its here, we had 5″ of snow today.   It was a heavy snow too.   I shoveled as it fell,  it wasn’t such a chore to do throughout the day as the the snow kept coming down.  I always start out with good intentions when winter comes.  I’m going to shovel as it comes down so I don’t have to shovel 8 or 10″s at a time.  Plus, the snow plows always block my car in my driveway, so yeah I have to keep up on that so I can back out.   But like I said, I always start out with the intentions of keeping on top of the snow as it falls.  Usually its about after the 3rd snowfall that I stop doing that.  I end up staring out the window going UGH will it ever stop.   I keep telling myself “go out there and do it” but I get lazy.  But for today, I stayed on top of the snow and even threw my first snowball of the season!

~Tableau Vivant~ Vincent Make up gloss a
Silken Moon Amen Flasher Lashes
Madrid Solo– Mix & Match- Adored- Blush Only- Blush 3
*ARGRACE* Ribbed beanie/Xavier – Baby Blonde
GizzA – Jayson Meggings [Brown]
GizzA – London Coat – Men [Brown]
GizzA – Worker Boots [Black] Brown Leather
~Tableau Vivant~ Ren Skin – Tone 05 A (blond)