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A man’s wardrobe is a toolbox just like the one he has in his garage and each item of clothing is an individual tool. Don’t let your suit become your sartorial version of WD-40 and duct tape. It may hold everything together, but using the right tools for the right job guarantees a better result. And a man’s goal is to always get the best results.

Prey on the Guys

“Fred” outfit new from Prey

Shoes included



Paint a perfect picture
Bring to life a vision in one’s mind
The beautiful ones
Always smash the picture
Always every time

Steele - lavian suit_001

Photo by Danity Mynx

Suit by Lavian & CO “Henry”




Warm Animation – Pier Bench comes with animations @ Swank

Dot-Be outfit – Sven @ Swank

Pose by Posesion

Penumbra Fashion week began on the 16th and runs through May 23rd.  There is a slew of designers being featured this week, some are our old favorites, some will become new favorites and some are old favorites expanding into mens fashion.

Check out Jeremy by Prism


 Penumbra Fashion week

Prism for Men

New release by Bravura”Tough Guy” pants.

white camo bravura_001Essential surplus-style slim fit cargo pants from Bravura. Woven cotton construction with camouflage print and a flat front with curved twin-layer pockets.

Tough Guy pants come in a variety of colors, from blue to black to camo green.


Wicca’s Wardrobe top – Arien


Chop Zuey Anchor of My Soul Mens Necklace
Ch0p Zuey Chakra Warrior Mens Thick Cuff
flow . Bronx Loose Fit Tank Top – Sneak peek exclusive
Legal Insanity – hefunky pants grey
.PENUMBRA. Sneak Peek Logo

Dress down without sacrificing style with IceWater’s great casual looks.  From baggies to rolled cuffed jeans and jean jackets to sweaters and so much more.

Check out IceWater.

Element Poses Posesion_001

Jean jacket comes with color change HUD and option for shirt or no shirt.

Jeans come with color change HUD.

Element Poses Posesion_002

ARGRACE Baseball Cap “Shaggy”
IceWater Chris -Mesh- Ceased Pants Hud Controlled
IceWater Mike -Mesh- Denim Jackets
Moondance Square  Rave
Chop Zuey The State of Quicksand Blu Men’s Necklace

Posesion Poses Element Set

Yesterday’s headlines
Blown by the wind
Yesterday’s people
End up scatterbrain

The Man Poses_007

I’m walking out
In a force ten gale
Birds thrown around
Bullets for hail

The Man Poses_003

Somewhere I’m not

The Man Poses_002

The roof is pulling off
By its fingernails
Your voice is rapping
On my windowsill

The Man Poses_001
Somewhere I’m not
Posesion Poses – The Man Set
Moondance Boutique – Biker Diamond Nails
Chop Zuey – Cease and Desist Men’s Brooch, Say Cheese Smiley Face Earrings and Ring and My Father’s Heart Bracelet
Firebird Designs – Man in Black – Shirt, Pants, Jacket, Shoes and Tie included
Moondance Boutique
Posesion Logo

The 24 event takes place August 23rd-31st, 20131. 24 amazing menswear, womenswear, home, and pose designers have come together by invitation only to create Exclusive Limited Edition Outfits, Furniture, and Poses. Joining them are 8 prominent Skin Designers, 8 Accessory Designers, and 8 Hair Designers creating limited edition exclusive hair, skins, and accessories all for the men and women of Second Life!

Take a peek with FireBird Designs


Come plaid with me outfit comes with plaid shirt, tee shirts, shorts and flip flops.


Click here for more info

The 24 Logo