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A man’s wardrobe is a toolbox just like the one he has in his garage and each item of clothing is an individual tool. Don’t let your suit become your sartorial version of WD-40 and duct tape. It may hold everything together, but using the right tools for the right job guarantees a better result. And a man’s goal is to always get the best results.

Prey on the Guys

“Fred” outfit new from Prey

Shoes included



▌▌Gen-Neutral ▌▌
Started on February 12

Steele Sirnah SyS Pants Gen Neu_001

[sYs] KULT jeans – Gen- Neutral

available in 4 denim colors with a HUD for choosing the style of your boxer or panties.

Gabriel jacket on shoulder& shirt set / Ivory

The team at Prism is always creating awesome and colorful designs for women and men!!

Check out the James outfit by Prism at the Swank event..

prism at swank_003 copy copy

James is sold in 2 colors and comes with a HUD to change the texture of the shirt.  The outfit is sold with  jacket only as well as with a shirt layer.

James is sold in Blue and Green.


Yesterday’s headlines
Blown by the wind
Yesterday’s people
End up scatterbrain

The Man Poses_007

I’m walking out
In a force ten gale
Birds thrown around
Bullets for hail

The Man Poses_003

Somewhere I’m not

The Man Poses_002

The roof is pulling off
By its fingernails
Your voice is rapping
On my windowsill

The Man Poses_001
Somewhere I’m not
Posesion Poses – The Man Set
Moondance Boutique – Biker Diamond Nails
Chop Zuey – Cease and Desist Men’s Brooch, Say Cheese Smiley Face Earrings and Ring and My Father’s Heart Bracelet
Firebird Designs – Man in Black – Shirt, Pants, Jacket, Shoes and Tie included
Moondance Boutique
Posesion Logo

Turn male Posesion Poses_005

Turn male Posesion Poses_003

Turn male Posesion Poses_002

Turn male Posesion Poses_001

Posesion Poses – Male Turn Set

GizzA – Tribal Outfit [Black]

Vision by A:S:S – Adref eyes – iron will

Crystal Poses_004Fruk Lennon Skin Shade Sub zero (brown brows)

Vision by A:S:S – Adref eyes – for love

Crystal Poses_003

A:S:S – Bootleg Blazer – Lazy Sunday ed.

GizzA – Cotton Pants [Black] Black Belt

Crystal Poses_002Poses by Posesion – Crystal Set

BAX Ankle Boot  Black Leather

Moondance Square  Male Hand Biker Diamonds nails

Chop Zuey The Templar Cross of Fate & Courage Accessories (Earrings, Bracelets)

Chop Zuey Sacrament of Perfection Men’s Necklace





Chop Zuey