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For the current round of  We ❤ RP Wicca’s Wardrobe made 2 new and exclusive items.
The Eileen Outfit and the Eileen Corset.
The Eileen Outfit is a full outfit with the jacket/corset combination, the pants and the belt with the sweet little bag at the side.
The outfit comes with a huge texture HUD so you can change the basic color of the outfit, as well as the corset color and the metals.
The outfit is 100% original mesh created by Wicca’s Wardrobe. The top, pants and belt can be worn separately. For the pants we included one outfit version and one standalone version.

Wicca Wardrobe_001The corset is a single item. It was made with the same look as the Eileen outfit. But since the jacket would cover most of the amazing details we made a standalone version of the corset with the sweet ruffles at the top. The corset as well has the great texture HUD so you can customize the corset to your likings. The corset matches the pants of the outfit as well.

Wicca's Wardrobe - Eileen Corset Vendor

Set by L.A. BoS “Shadow Box”

Pose by L.A. BoS “The hawk Set” @ Swank

Wicca’s Wardrobe @ We ❤ Roleplay

“Bird of Prey Mask” Wicca’s Wardrobe

“Ritz” slink high shoes Lybra

I can’t get down any farther.
All my drowning friends can see,
Now there is no running from it.
It’s become the crux of me,
I wish that I could rise above it.

But I stay down,
With my demons.

Machorie Steele

Machoire – Elko Mask

Means to the end, end with no means
Something, which we always agreed.


+Nuuna+ Zura Black Makeup
+Nuuna+ Ninja black 50% Makeup
:(SH): Dragonborn Mask – BlackWhite
Wicca’s Wardrobe Claw Boots Black Leather
GizzA – Leather Legging [Black] *New*
Zibska Liebe Top and Shoulder Pieces *NEW*

Liebe offers 6 colors for jacket and optional shoulder pieces.


Zibska – Greer – Shoulder piece
Zibska – Glaw – Nails and Hand Tat – Slink- Tales of Fantasy

:(SH): Dragonborn Mask – BlackWhite

Sometimes you put something on and just go WOW.  This was one of those times.
Check out the release by Wicca’s Wardrobe at the Couturiers Docks that Chelle is wearing.


Lavinia Leggings are MESH and made for Slink HIGH Feet.

Violetta top *mesh* sexy leather matching top to the Lavinia Leggings.

Steele wears the newest latest and greatest men’s MESH release Emyne top and Ryant Pants.   Steele also wears a new release by AV Designantique goth mask – sold as left and right versions


Moondance Boutique released for Rock Your Rack this awesome jewelry set Key to Hope “for the males” but works for females too.

For more information on Rock  Your Rack click HERE

Chelle Also wears

!:Lybra:! Arcania Headpiece

Madrid Solo– Deuce Eyes- (System)- Limon and Madrid Solo– Twice Shy-Burnt Orange

Silken Moon Peach Black Abs

Check out the shops!

Wicca’s Wardrobe At Couturier’s Docs

Wicca’s Wardrobe main store

Moondance Boutique

AV Design @ Marketplace

Atelier Visconti chairs with multiple sitting animations

LR Pixel Art– Charmed Bedroom Set – Picture only – animation with 2 pictures

Wicca's Wardrobe - Couturiers Docks August 2014

Key to Hope Mens Nail and Jewelry Set


Rock Your Rack 2014 Official AD

Hollyhood, Hollyhood, come and get me Hollyhood!”

Imagine pretending you’re a regular stock boy when you’re an A-number-one arteest!

Fashion art black and white_001

HOLLYHOOD *I LOVE SHOES* “Holly Arteest” Black and White Outfit

With Bow tie necklace and Lace Mask (Also available at the fair)

When Fashion meets Art
May 09th till May 31st – 2014

When Fashion Meets Art…..

One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art. – Oscar Wilde.


Take me to When Fashion Meets Art Fair


Have you been to the Blooming Spring Fair yet?  It runs through the end of the month.

Take a look at Lybra and Poseway Poses creations for the event.

Powerful and evil,  yet oh so sexy

Lybra Malificent – Exclusive at the Spring Fashion Fair

wind poses_001Poseway Poses “wind” – Exclusive at the Spring Fashion Fair

Go faster nun skin fair_002

The mask is sold at Silken Moon “Go Faster Nun”

Go faster nun skin fair_001

Fiera HUB

The Assassin.


::ZED:: MESH Khaki Assassin Shirt with Mask
::ZED:: MESH Silver Can’t Touch This Baggy Pants

ZED for Men

Violator Amen_001

VIOLATOR Masqua – Jewel Mask – Silver

The queen of the fairies

Set your heart at rest:
The fairy land buys not the child of me.
His mother was a votaress of my order:
And, in the spiced Indian air, by night,
Full often hath she gossip’d by my side,
And sat with me on Neptune’s yellow sands,
Marking the embarked traders on the flood,
When we have laugh’d to see the sails conceive
And grow big-bellied with the wanton wind;
Which she, with pretty and with swimming gait
Following,–her womb then rich with my young squire,–
Would imitate, and sail upon the land,
To fetch me trifles, and return again,
As from a voyage, rich with merchandise.
But she, being mortal, of that boy did die;
And for her sake do I rear up her boy,
And for her sake I will not part with him.


Wicca’s Wardrobe Claw Boots White Leather
Miamai_BL_Titania Headpiece White
Miamai_BL_Titania White Outfit