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Strobe lights and blown speakers
Fireworks and hurricanes
I’m not here
This isn’t happening
I’m not here
I’m not here
LaVian Chop Body Full Final


LaVian Chop CLose_002
Lavian&Co-BySam Dont Fence Me In Corset and Pants
PaperMoon– ARYA T-Strap High Heel- Moon
Chop Zuey – dirait-on set – Jewelry – this will be released on 2/14 and the first 50 pieces sold will be discounted 50% off SO HURRY to be the first
.:EMO-tions.. *JEZEBEL* -BLACK/WHITE. Hair – Hairology
Miamai_Protagoniste_Vanity Eyes and Lashes

A:S:S is always on the cutting edge with current fashion but their Decades line of fashion is by far the best for that yesteryear look.  The newest Decades release “Laurence” comes in a plethora of different colors and combinations.  The vest and shirt are 2 separate pieces for easy mix and match.

PosESioN Rapuncel Set

PosESioN Poses Rapuncel Set
*Shai* Bowler Hat Black – Resizer
::BRAVURA:: Formal Mens Shoes for SLINK (Black)
A:S:S Decades – Laurence – Pants – black
A:S:S Decades – Laurence – Shirt
A:S:S Decades – Laurence – Vest – brown
Madrid Solo– Deuce Eyes- (System)- Dark Oyster

In Chains

Zibska Necklace and headpiece– DidoThe Jewelry Fair – includes color change hud, re-size and script delete and are copy/mod.

Vision by A:S:S – Urge Eyes *NEW*

If you are as picky as I am about eyes, you are gonna love the new eyes from Madrid Solo.   These are just fantastic.

Madrid Solo -Mesh Eyes- Deuce

*NEW* Greek Island Gatcha Event – 10 different sets of eyes, comes with system eyes and mesh eyes.



Rare - Earth_001Rare – “Earth”

Rare Island Gatcha Event

The triad built on the sixth degree

Gold Ful Body

A deceptive cadence begins with V

Gold Head Shot


Posesion Poses: Arlequin Set

!:Lybra:![makeup] Luxury gold
[sYs] Hairbase – Glamour Mod 2 – Platine
!:Lybra:! Absinthe Gown – HUNGER Games Exclusive
!:Lybra:!Absinthe Headpiece Back Piece
!:Lybra:!Absinthe Headpiece Front
!:Lybra:!Absinthe Hip Adornment
Chop Zuey Deceptive Cadence – Jewelry
Miamai_Protagoniste Vanity Eyes with jewels and feathers
Silken Moon Peach Black Abs Skin

Sharing a dream, on an Island, it felt right


New couple pose by Katink “Let’s Go” – Comes with Hat (which is held in hand, see photo below)

Katink Surf Board – Comes with HUD

on Carla Cardalines:

FINESMITH tiger sunglasses
KaTink – Surf Board
Legal Insanity – summer suit Hokeo Hawaii gold *NEW*
MIAMAI_Happydays wicker hat – gold panama *NEW* – Comes with Color Change HUD
Silken Moon Pecan Black Abs Skin

On Steele Sirnah:

GizzA – BoardShorts [Nautical] Size *NEW*
~Tableau Vivant~ Sean Skin – Tone 06 A
Madrid Solo Deuce Eyes- (System)- Rare Earth *NEW*  Greek Island Gatcha Event

A:S:S – Slink Nails “Rain” NEW



KaTink - Surfboard

KaTink - Let's Go 1


Pose by Posesion – Illusion Set

Gown by Lyrical Bizarre – Diamonds

Lybra – Lily hat orange

Miamai Protagoniste Eyes

Miamai Different high pumps – for Slink

Skin Silken Moon  – Peach

She knows exactly what to do,
Whenever I’m alone with her.
I can barely make a move
By the time she opens up her eyes
She sings to me at night
She’s singing


Bliensen + MaiTai – Bolero – f. Slink High – Green
GizzA – Dakota Dress [Blossom Pink] *new*
Chop Zuey Kharma Earth Gld Jewelry
Miamai_Beatrice headwrap – luxe – palm *new* Exclusive for Fameshed
Miamai_Catwalk Lashes_Toxic_Black
Miamai_Protagoniste Basic Eyes

I want to thank you
You’ve been the meaning of life for me
Now I can see the real me
Feelings I couldn’t bear
All the things I wouldn’t dare
Times I thought no one cared
Then I looked at you
You were there

Moondance Nails_003
Sometimes I think this has all been a dream
But I wake up to find that it’s not what it seems in my mind
It’s all mine

Feelings I couldn’t bear
All the things I wouldn’t dare
Times I thought no one cared
Then I looked at you
You were there

Moondance Nails_002
People don’t know what the songs are about
They just sing them out like they mean
Something we never thought about


Baiastice_Winter leggings/shoes SPIKE sienna gold-pants
!:Lybra:! Dawn Flower EARRING RED
!:Lybra:! Dawn Flower RING RED
Glam Dreams D&G Clay Coat
Miamai_Protagoniste Basic Eyes
Moondance Boutique SlinK Avatar Enhancement Chrome Nails
Silken Moon Peach Black Abs

Years passed by and then
We fell in love
We would run through the meadows
And you would joke with me

Bang, bang just for laughs
Bang, Bang you used to shoot at me
And whoever strikes at the heart
Wins bang, bang


Of course you weren’t joking
When you shot at my heart
Your shot was never off
Take a shot at denying it, if you can

Now you no longer love me
And I felt a shot to the heart
When you told me that
You don’t want to be with me

Bang, Bang and here I remain
Bang, Bang Crying
Bang Bang I won
Bang Bang I’ve lost my heart

Miamai_Hairbase Style B_Blonde
Miamai_Catwalk Lashes_Toxic_Black
Miamai_Dalida Sand
Miamai_Difference high pumps -luxe- taupe
Miamai_Happydays wicker hat – natural panama
Miamai_LuxeBag Gift 11
Miamai_Protagoniste Basic Eyes
[DBF] Sissela skin exquisite : Fashion for Life Fair