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Legal Insanity_001

Legal Insanity – Adam baggy jeans

Legal Insanity Blade tanks

Mikunch / Sloppy Shoes (wool brown)

Legal Insanity – Joe Sunglasses

Tableau Vivant~ Dreadlocks series – Monk Hair

[X-Star] Facial Hair Full Beard – Catwa


Can it be that there’s some sort of error
Hard to stop the surmounting terror
Is it really the end, not some crazy dream?

Thot Head Piece .Or_001

.Or. Thot Headpiece

Color Change Hud and Resize Options

Sometimes I swear, I don’t know if
I’m comin’ or goin’
But you always say something
Without even knowin’

That I’m hangin’ on to your words
With all of my might and it’s alright
Yeah, I’m alright for one more night-

LaVian&Co @ Marv Events_001

Lavian&CO – Let Me Take A Selfie Dress

L.A. BoS – Tude Poses @ Marvelous Events

Lavian&Co BY SamanthaS.Jones

NEW From Madrid Solo – Halloween Makeups

Queen of the Damned_001

Madrid Solo’s new Halloween Makeup – “Watcher” comes with system and prim eyes

There are 8 new Halloween releases in total.  4 Male 4 Female

Madrid Solo

This new week, which is the first official week of Summer brings some amazing MUST Have items to the Lybra! Stores. So Let me be the first to tell you to put your running shoes (or heels) on and head over to the locations indicated to pick up your very own copies of these ensembles/deals:


For the MEN – we have the TOREADOR outfit worn by Mr. Virtual World – Caesar Langer during the finals of Mr. Virtual World 2015 last month. It is also available in the Lybra Mainstore.

Pose by L.A. Bos – Toreador

Gizza Wicca Wardrobe Miamai_002

GizzA – Scarlett Dress (4 different styles, comes with Jewelry accessories)

Miamai – Baba Slippers Indian – for slink flat feet

Wicca’s Wardrobe Poses – Artsy Set

Madrid Solo – Makeup – Mix and Match “Adored” set

WW - Poses - Artsy Set

Check out the new Very Chic Tuxedo released by Sys.  The “Eros” Tuxedo comes in 4 different black and white styles.

steele Sys Eros Tux23



chelle legal insanity_001

Laura Jumpsuit – Comes in different colors with belt and color change HUD

(orange, black, pink, red, leopard and more)

Legal Insanity**NEW Location**

I can’t stand it I know you planned it
I’m gonna set it straight, this watergate
I can’t stand rocking when I’m in here
Because your crystal ball ain’t so crystal clear
So while you sit back and wonder why
I got this fucking thorn in my side
Oh my, it’s a mirage
I’m tellin’ y’all it’s sabotage

So listen up ’cause you can’t say nothin’
You’ll shut me down with a push of your button?
But yo I’m out and I’m gone
I’ll tell you now I keep it on and on

’cause what you see you might not get
And we can bet so don’t you get souped yet
You’re scheming on a thing that’s a mirage
I’m trying to tell you now it’s sabotage

17693964519_1ff4a57460_o                                                                                                                Photo by Adriel Huntress



Amadour Trousers

Posey Uomo Necklace

makeup – Madrid Solo – Birds of a Feather

PENUMBRA. FASHION WEEK Spring Summer (SS15) is a diverse and innovative fashion experience that will feature 43 talented designers, both established and emerging. The bi-annual one week event remains one of Second Life’s greatest fashion platforms and the launch pad for SL’s fashion designers to a wider audience. The focus has been on showcasing the immense and diverse design talent that is evident year-on-year.

Penumbra Fashion week May 16 – May 23

Ever an Angel has a variety of different styles available at Penumbra Fashion week.

Fashion week 1 blog Chelle_001

Ever An’ Angel -Gauze and Effect -Baudelaire – Penumbra Fashion week  Exclusive (above)

Ever An' Angel - Bridal Spring 2015 Ever An' Angel - Opulence - Ametrine Ever An' Angel - Vernal Equinox Gown - Rosebud Ever An'Angel - Zen & Cocktails - Plum

Penumbra Fashion week