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Sinner rider, rides in with the storm
The Devil rides beside him
The Devil is his god, God help you mourn
Do you, do you hear it, do you hear the thunder?
Deafen every living thing about
Can you, can you see it, can you?
See the mountains darken yonder
Black sun rising, time is running out

What’s Lost Spirits – 5 Sins – Greed – Lust <male & female> – Envy – Pride

THIS IS WRONG Contamination tattoo Body BLACK FADED – BoM

Wicca’s Originals – Sarya Bindi – & makeup
Heartsdale Jewellery – Thor Accessories
Zibska Inner Hat
Zibska Inner Mask

WLS – 5 sins characters & WLS – GIANT HOUSE SL18B

Frida Kahlo Collection

I am a little behind on this blog, Sorry. Real Life has taken over!!!

Heartsdale Jewellery

Say hello again, my friends
I’ve got to go
The ritual calls to me
Screams twist in harmony

Blinding lights reveal
Thoughts that should not be
The ritual calls to me
Silent insanity

Zibska Liliane Eye Makeup
Pity Party Plum Hairbase
KNIFU Breed Demons Tattoo Light
Zibska Fiametta Lips
Mandala Stretched Ears Season2
Labyrinth– Goat Beard
POISON ROUGE Caroline’s Ritual Hat @ Cosmo
Poison Rouge
TECHNOFOLK_Unanswered Coat

It’s six o’clock
Good morning sounds are everywhere
The warmth of spring, a gentle breeze blows through my hair

I hurry through my life never stopping to see
How beautiful it was meant to be

I’m just a prisoner in a king’s disguise
Broken dreams as we shuffle by

Stealthic – Fusion (S Head)
GA.EG Ultimate Eyes
Heartsdale Jewellery Picasso Collection @ Uber
{ABC} Iconic Flicks Polaroid Dress (M)

And in the end
The love you take
Is equal to the love you make

ZibskaMay round at We Love Role-play

Liliane Set includes headpiece, headpiece orbits, shoulders and bead collar orbit with 16 colours for headpiece main, petal sections 1/2/3 and beads

Liliane Makeup – 16 colours in 3 transparencies

Vera Set includes headpiece in left & right sections and collar in front/back/left/right sections with 36 colours for sections 1/2/3 via HUD

Vera Makeup – 12 colours in 3 transparencies

Rhea Eyemakeup – GIFT – 15 colours 2 transaprencies

Silvery K..:*Sparkling fur coat

Dope & Mercy Pale light Corset and pants

Sintiklia – Hair Prince

If only one thing that you know
Imposters from the show
They’ll try to trick you into
Normal treatment
Oh don’t you listen to them say
Shush them all away
I am the demon cleaner
Madman so
I am the freedom cleaner
Standing naked here to say
I’m the only way…

Knife Party Bloody Mouth
Tutti Belli – Bloodline
BOM TATTOO – face scars
KNIFU. Breed Demons Tattoo Dark
Hexed – Flower Life Hairbase
BeSpoke – HornBase – Demonic
BeSpoke – Incubus Akribus
R The Lodestone Heart
CURELESS Corvus Manteau
CURELESS Nepenthes Cassock Skirt
CURELESS Nepenthes Gauntlets
CURELESS Nepenthes Glove
CURELESS Nepenthes Suit
POISON ROUGE Lilitu Horns Black Silver The Arcade
Random Matter – Vered Mantle Warm
GA.EG Dripping Blood

BackGround – VORTECH Nightmare Portal – Portal to Vortech & What’s lost Spirits

WLS – ORNATE SKULL (Bronze) @ Fantasy Faire

Lilitu Horns – Poison Rouge Exclusive at The Arcade

Poison Rouge @ The Arcade

BeSpoke – Incubus Akribus Head & Skin

[CX] Cerberus’ After Meals Fangs

Tutti Belli – ‘Bloodline’ Scar

[GA.EG] Dripping Blood

+KP+ Bloody Mouth // LeL Evo X

ContraptioN The Void Head Alpha
CURELESS Divine Delineation
ContraptioN Prosthetic Underskin Appliers black
Rekt Death Breath OCTTENTACLE
REKT_Octo Arms Red
REKT_Tech Shorts – Legacy BLK
ContraptioN Lowtek Prosthetic Leg
Contraption The Grymmer Vest
ContraptioN The Void Head

I can tell myself feelings are a human projection
Don’t tell anyone else.
Sort it out yourself
Won’t you stop to think every single thing you do is
For one human connection?
No you never did tell your shrink
In another star system you remember having wings

Poison Rouge – Enora Hat – Exclsive at ANTHEM Options with veil and without veil Available in 7 Textures. Hud Resizer/Position

Gild Mic-J tank top_white

Nefekalum – Flourish Tat

Poison Rouge

Exclusive for Fantasy Faire

BeSpoke Booth

PunkinBlend Booth

You can get the avatar for full price, or 1L at the event as it is for charity.

Included with the mushroom avatar are multiple skins and outfits made by BeSpoke.  PunkinBlend has also created skins and outfits for the Amanita Mushroom Avatars

All items for this set are currently at Fantasy Fair