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Gizza – Blade Body Suit

Fits: Belleza & Slink

Boots included with Bats and Mask

Pose – L.A. BoS

“I think thigh-high boots are especially sexy and glamorous”


“Especially when they’re worn with a short skirt… It’s a good look.”

“Day and night… And the traffic’s bad and I get out and I decide to walk, and I think people are a bit shocked to see me walking down the street.”

SilkenMoon Eclipse Lips FFL 2013 Iron Maiden
::ZED:: Viraj Python Leather Boots
Blueberry IO *Mesh* Cropped Full Shirt
Blueberry IO *Mesh* Leather Skirt & Belt
SilkenMoon Eclipse Luna Bousee CL Shine

I love the new Cropped tops by Blueberry.  These awesome mesh tops come in many different colors and styles.

Posesion Madeline_001

 Perfect for the mix n match lover in  you,  Blueberry also created a line of mesh  leather skirts to go with the cropped tops.

The tops and skirts are a perfect match to my new boots from Zed called Viraj Python Leather boots.  The boots come with a color change HUD.

Silken Moon SLINK Fingerz Shine Deep Reds
Silken Moon Cherry Blossom ES Charcoal
::ZED:: Viraj Python Leather Boots
Blueberry IO *Mesh* Cropped Full Shirt – Red
Blueberry IO *Mesh* Leather Skirt & Belt – Red
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
!Silken Moon Stella Black Hole CL – Skin

Posesion Poses  Madeline Set

Glitter on the wet streets
Silver over everything
The river’s all wet
You’re all cold


Dripping with alchemy
Shiver stop shivering
The glitter’s all wet
You’re all chrome

Looking glass, take the past
Shut your eyes, you realize
Looking glass, take the past
Shut your eyes, you realize
GizzA – Burlesque Corset
Silken Moon Juicy Eyeshadow Magenta
Countdown.Anee Leather Black Boot
Moondance Boutique Square Long Chrome Nails
Violator-Delicious-Head piece
Violator-Delicious-L Earring
Violator-Delicious-R Earring
Silken Moon Eclipse Diva  Ivory  Cleavage
Silken Moon Diva Eyebrows

Don’t let yourself come last! It’s important for you to be able to indulge in things that are just for you.

 You deserve it!

How you ask?

Start with some Gizza Creations


Mills Suit – comes with boots

 finish off with some accessories with DDM

Le Chocolat set comes with Bracelet, Rings, Necklace, Earrings and Belly Chain




All poses by Posesion “Giz” set of 10 poses

Shown are poses 7, 8 and 9

Giz pose 7_001

Hot new and sexy new release  from Blueberry

“Alie” mesh dress can be worn with or without the metal clips

Giz pose 8_001

Alie is sold in Beige, Black, Blue, Dark Blue, Ice and Pink

Giz pose 10_001

Denim mesh thigh highs are also a new Blueberry release and sold in Army, Black, Blue, Dark Blue, Fade and Grey

Giz pose 9_001

Head on down to Posesion and Blueberry and check out other great new releases.



It’s FRIDAY and every Friday Blueberry shower’s her group members with gifts and this week’s gift is a Mesh Green Sweater dress and brown belt.  I love how the dress sleeves are really long and cover your hands.

Of course, I paired this dress with my favorite boots from Blueberry.  (Best boots ever)

Also released from Exxess is this MESH hair called Mamoma.  This MESH hair is long and flows all the way down to your waist.

There is also a shorter version of this hair called Sirin.   Hair comes in many colors and includes MESH invisible head layer.

Finished up this look with Eshi’s new glam makeup in green.



Eshi Otawara