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Shaded crystal water, bathed in by God’s daughter
Sighing, whispers near, a new season passes here
Sensory gifts to all who come
Soak up the stars and setting sun
It’s strange and wilder, ageless bechilder
Saved by fire, touched and finer
Gray stands the tower in the distance
Days pass like warm sun on the face, a new season
Shared is the cure to conquer loneliness
It’s strange and wilder, ageless bechilder
Saved by fire, touched and finer
Peaceful, blissful union is the priestess
Doubt flows the river into darkness

zGizza Summer Dress_001[Ethnic]                    [Coral&Serenity]

 GizzA – Sunny Beach Dress ***NEW***
Also worn with Coral&Serenity:
Makeup – Madrid Solo
Madrid Solo – Eyes & Lips- Insanity Plea Vendor
Madrid Solo – Eye Designs-Lying Eyes
 Madrid Makeup_001Chop Zuey Accessories – Aphrodite
Madrid Solo Mesh Eyes – Deuce – Blues
**New** Madrid Solo– HyperReal LipGloss for Lelutka Appliers (above)
Madrid Mesh Heads
Mesh Head Appliers New from Madrid Solo
Catwa and Lelutka ONLY

bloggin LegalOn Him – Legal Insanity – Joplin Jeans

On Her –

Exclusive from legal insanity
Kajal Swimsuit
event starts on 7th july 2016 7am slt
Swimsuit fits:  Hourglass, Freya, ISIS, Lara, Venus and More!
Poses “Beach Poses”  By L.A. BoS @ Swank

December 19th @ 3:00 PM SLT come see BLVD Fashion House Models show off the designs by LaVian&Co.

!!!!!!See the collection of the new men’s fashion line!!!!!!!

Logo-Transpaent1LAVIAN MALE – AW1516 – How I Want Ya Bag 2


The How I Want Ya outfit is just one of the many new men’s outfits showcased on December 19th at 3:00 PM

The How I Want Ya is HUD driven with the same color hud on the female clothes.  The options are endless



December 19th @ 3:00 PM SLT come see BLVD Fashion House Models show off the designs by LaVian.

!!!!!!See the collection of the new men’s fashion line!!!!!!!


LaVian Steele Hotline Bling_001

The Hot Bling outfit is just one of the many new men’s outfits showcased on December 19th at 3:00 PM

Hot Bling is HUD driven with the same color hud on the female clothes.  The options are endless



Today, I asked Worldage to style up some fun and send me a photo so I can style for a picture together.  He sent me a picture inworld and we used that picture for our inspirations.  It didn’t take us too long to complete our looks and send final pictures to each other.

After I opened up my inventory of course I went straight to my Madrid Solo folder and looked for that one makeup that just screams out to me.  LOL.  This one definitely screamed out to me.   I have been wanting to blog my new Posesion horns and thought they’d go great with the makeup.  And to top it all off, the headpiece from Zibska was a perfect fit with the horns.  How sweet is that?  I didn’t even need to edit them too much to make them work together.

So here is one of two pics I did with World and the pic I did solo.   Here’s a version of World’s picture if your curious.


Snapshot_005Posesion Poses – Horror Set  and Lunae Horns

Madrid Solo – Halloween Designs – Creeping Predator

Zibska Zibska ~ Radulfr Headpiece and Necklace

SLF 1014 Cover issu

Click here to read









Your world. Your imagination. Oh really?

This is still the tag line that appears on Linden Labs homepage, but really the only part that rings true is the imagination. You can imagine a place where you are free to create, but others can feel free to steal. You can imagine a place where instead of being a community, we attack behind each others backs like petty little children. Attacking anonymously to me has the validity of a horses excrement….but like I said your world, your imagination.


Thank you for passing our shapes out and great job on setting up your little store on marketplace. Now make sure you make some good videos using them like the stuff you post on youtube using others names. If you need a platform with a user base the size of a small town to prove how awesome and cool you are, then you really need to reexamine your life and priorities. You say how everyone who plays this is a fool, yet you spend hours and hours online doing what you do. If they managed to take your account away you would just come back and start all over again. Now that is an obsession. Since you mentioned that you were 20 something, and comparing that to your online hours just shows you lack any real friends. I am sorry you couldn’t cut it in the modeling world if that was the start of your butthurtness but how are you going to handle rejection in the real world? Since your 20 something you have a lot of years of work ahead of you. So every time you get fired from a job or in trouble will you turn into this creature who wants to destroy everything? We see it here in the news all the time. You have to work for the goals you set, falling short of a goal is a lesson. You take all of these lessons and become stronger in the weaker fields and to supplement what you may already know. You learn nothing by stealing  (other than feeling more confident in getting away with it).

A shape really isn’t everything, it still takes work to make it look good (especially mine) you still need to know how to do the work ( I do) and I would say 100 percent of the people who want World for a job will want World, not a copied shape. You can’t copy my personality or the way I do things because honey…..your not that good.

As I said (and please imagine its being said by tommy lee jones in the pipe scene from the fugitive) I don’t care…..ironically since mine was a linden shape it was non transfer, now I have a transfer version. So if anyone really wants my shape just IM me. Don’t spend 800 lindens on that because there is no refunds and you’ll be disappointed.

Your so vain I bet you think this blog is  about you…….you’re so vain (you’re so vain)

Have fun getting that out of your head

This is about our creative environment…Second Life

In particular, Linden Labs. I am one of the many who pay a small pittance for a little parcel. (but not for long) I am a simple guy, I like to drive on linden roads or fly etc. But I also am aware of non permanence, and while this is a fun distraction, its not my be all end all. In real life I hate television, laugh tracks on sitcoms drive me insane. American news is about as insightful as a library in the dark while blind. Politics here and probably anywhere really has made it a us versus them mentality, when in reality its always us versus us. So for me to have a creative platform that has no shooting (I suck) or jumping cliffs etc is just another creative outlet. If I was a great painter I would gravitate that way but multi color stick figures may not be up everyone’s alley (or would they?)

I am a musician, a multi instrumentalist, that’s my primary creative outlet. I study, I learn. I try to seek out my own answers, and not be fed what others want you to hear. In the same breath I keep my opinions mostly to myself, I try to hear everyone’s side before I even attempt a resolution.

So lets have a simple look at AR reports and retention at its basic level….the welcome area

My original rez in area when I came in was at Morris so lets have a peek there,

Oh sorry, can’t make it there because it has been crashed for the 1000th time today.

Always the same people, day in, day out. Can’t even attempt to build a cube much less walk. The mentions of yes, that’s why you don’t go to those sandboxes to build has no weight for someone just coming in. Paying an outrageous price for a stand alone sim isn’t always the answer, I came here to meet and be fascinated by new people, not for being secluded somewhere on a sim powered by LL’s apple 2. (ok 2e sigh)

So for the AR reports sent that they wont police (actually I don’t think they can) what does that say to the person filing them? We don’t give a shit, why should you?

Feel free, however to purchase your own gpu crasher etc on marketplace, all the kids are doing it….I hear its all the rage.

See for yourself for fun and giggles sometime, head to the morris sandbox and if your not caged, orbited, or any other sort of lagtastical greatness within an hour……..well in lieu of actually physically eating my hat, I will delete my prim floor (then rebuild it)

Linden employees get it too when they have to drop in there for some reason (but they can return anything)

On the subject of marketplace

It is perfectly acceptable to advertise your products at any welcome area you choose. We appreciate it more if you use items that unless you are turned away they are always in the middle of the screen. In fact while you are at it put on movelock, sit them on information kiosks with bubbles around them that directs them to your marketplace page! It must work good because there is more and more everyday.

It hasn’t been days of it, its been weeks….months

AR reports, pointless. So to me that says we really don’t care. So to the honest people who may actually pay to advertise who do it the proper and correct way there is a cheaper method. But I guess that gets down to a question of ones own morals and ethics

Now back to the ground level, the new user experience

Well if you are lucky, as your first online experience you can run into this guy…..

His pointless online existence is to hang around welcome hubs pushing girls or standing by them dressed this way, doing that behavior. As most know, not all are an adult age and many countries have many different laws about certain acts etc. But according to the multiple AR reports sent, its all ok behavior. I think it’s a bit mentally suspect, but I digress.

User retention from an “oldbie” standpoint

Its not really about the non answering the AR’s I guess at all. Its just comes down to one sentence.

You don’t know a fucking thing about SL.

Your user base you always depended on being there.  Maybe you’re just trying to make it go away. Like a bad utopian dream that failed. That’s cool.

Lets be honest here, most new users don’t buy anything at all. They get maybe one cool look (if that) then get bored of it quick and quit logging in. But Linden Labs should see where the bulk of the purchases come from, they should know what the events are, they need to have a clue as to why some gather at this place called second life (on another note I hate the name second life)

It makes it incredibly hard to support your product when you can’t respect your user base. AR reports that don’t get answered eventually turn into just a question of why bother? Apathetic certainly, but really……really?

And since I am ranting

People who know me know that I hate to ask for anything. I did Mr VW out of my own pocket, it was my choice. Would I be better served paying for cable tv and sitting on the couch saying “Get me a beer Ethel!” Not in my head. So its my choice.

It was an exercise in creativity, that’s all I need. Besides one year a winner uses a horse, the next one dresses like one….its pure expression, nothing more.  For me I don’t expect to make a red cent out of modeling, never have, and that’s not why I do it in the first place. It’s a way of expressing, in ways its an artistic release. Do it for you…if it makes you happy then hell yes. The smile you get from here leads to the smile out there that may touch another. That’s my simple beliefs. This constant negativity is just something we are used to at this point. Our society is used to the phrases like nice guys finish last or Kharma equals everything out, but in reality everyone finishes the same, its just the space in between where you can be a light or a blight.

And that’s all I got to say about that

Two Irish brothers accidentally killed mafia thugs. They turned themselves in and were released as heroes. They then see it as a calling by God and started knocking off mafia gang members one by one. Willem Dafoe  (we will style up that character in the future) plays the detective trying to figure out the killings, but the closer he was to catching the Irish brothers, the more he thinks the brothers are doing the right thing.  We decided to style up the characters from the Boondock Saints II All Saints Day.

Romeo by Ifo Hancroft

Ifo wears:

Skin – Egoisme – Evian – Jordan Medium

Facial Hair – Egoisme Addon – Chin Patch1 Black
Hair – RAW HOUSE – Urban Savage 2 [Black 03]
Guns – [Warhead Industries] – Dual Beretta 92 [V2.0]
Tank Top – Shiver – Tank Top White
Glasses – PrimEvil – Biker Shades

Connor MacManus By Steele Sirnah

Steele Wears:

Egoisme Skin Johan Pale

Gizza Loose Jeans Dark Blue
Mindshift Equilibrium Black Tee and Bottom
SF Design Pea Coat
TGF Dennis Earring
Yasn Durden Seal Brown Hair
Dirty V2 Cigarette

Murphy MacManus by World Undercroft

World Wears:

Egoisme Skin Johan Pale

Dura Boy Black 08 Hair

ASS FF Courderoys

Gizza Sweatshirt Lines Black

Evocative Boots

Nevermore Studios Silver and Black Ankh Rosary

SF Designs Pea Coat

“Never shall innocent blood be shed. Yet the blood of the wicked shall flow like a river. The three shall spread their blackened wings and be the vengeful striking hammer of god
And shepherds we shall be,
for thee my lord for thee.
Power hath decended forth from thy hand
so our feet may swiftly carry out thy command.
And we shall flow a river forth to thee
and teeming with souls shall it ever be.
When I raise my flashing sword, and my hand takes hold in judgement, I will take vengance upon my enemies and I shall repay those who have hazed me. Oh Lord, raise me to thy right hand and count me among thy saints.
In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti”

Model World Undercroft

Coxi Suspender Black
Zen Creations Razor Blade Earrings
Boon IKE997 Hair

Egoisme Jordan Pale Skin
VCD Express Yourself Facial Hair 11 Dark
Addoro AD2 sunglasses diamond black
Evocative Boots
Gawk white linen shall
Cherno Colt Shirt
Cheerno Colt Jeans
Albion Summer walking stick

Model Steele Sirnah

Egoisme Skin Jordan Pale

Dura Boy Woodsmoke hair
ASS Drama Shadow
Halcali hounds tooth pattern slim pants black
sf desigh shall collared tuxedo jacket
Aoharu Cashmere turtleneck black
Shai Bowler Hat
RF In Extremis Medal
Gabriel Leather Gloves
Pashmina Krawatten Schal
Mary Jane Mens BIker Lowtop Boots
VCD Express Yourself Facial Hair 4 Dark
Albion Summer walking stick

Ian Robins Dury (12 May 1942 – 27 March 2000) was an English rock and roll singer, lyricist, bandleader and actor who initially rose to fame during the late 1970s, during the punk and New Wave era of rock music. He is best known as founder and lead singer of the British band Ian Dury and the Blockheads, who were one of the groups of the New Wave era in the UK.