April 25th begins the gangsta fair and who better than Legal Insanity to create exclusives for the event.

Gangsta pants with add on belts and bandanas

Gansta Legal Insanity_002

The jeans are made for females but work for males too.  They come in multiple different colors and different belts and bandanas to choose from.


Legal Insanity @ Gangsta Fair

Sneak Peak’s newest round has a few items for us guys.   MSS has an exclusive male suit at Sneak Peek which matches two exclusive female gowns at Sneak Peek also by MSS.

Steele Sneak Peek MSS_001

MSS @ Sneak Peek


Loovus and Vero Modero have joined this round of Sneak Peek.

Chelle Blog Sneak Peek_001

Along with a bunch of dress exclusives Loovus also has a whole slew of heels for slink high feet.

The  strapey “bound” heels come in a variety of colors such as “Almond” (shown) and Aqua, Berry, Custard, Lucite and Violet.

Chelle Blog Sneak Peek_002

The gown “Deep Dress” by Vero Modero also comes in a variety of colors.  Shown is “Tropical Green” but you can also buy the dress in Wild Red, Wild Brown, Soft Cream, Soft Pink and Tripical red.

Sneak Peek

Vero Modero



A new round of sneak peek is coming up and there’s some new exclusives for the guys.    The “Constantine” shirt from Oddity comes with a color change hud to change the color of the shirt.

Paradise Poses Posesion_001

The pose above is by Posesion and part of the “paradise” set.  **NEW**

Legal Leather Bracelet GIFT_001

Skull Leather bracelet is the new group gift from Legal Insanity.

Oddity @ Sneak Peek

Legal Insanity

Posesion Poses


Let alone to rest alone,
Yeah you’re making me.
I had to run the damage is done,
I give it up, I give it up.
There’s nothing left so take the rest,
Yeah you’re draining me.
I set it alight it burns so bright,
Stab it out, stab it out.

Steele Zibska_001

New at Zibska

Adrien Silk Shirt – color change hud

Armand Leather Pants – Color change HUD

Steele Zibska_002

Baz Necklace – Color change Hud


Do The Trick

Posted: April 15, 2015 in Charity and Events, Fashion

My heart, it ain’t running right
Won’t you give it a kick
Will you be my handy man?
Will you do the trick?

My model life Vestige_001

Glam Dreams ” Primavera” Gowns

Simplicity at its most delicate expression !
These Spring gowns are complete outfits that comes with slink high heel matching Spring sandals, 5 mesh sizes and accessories.
The Gowns are designed in 4 Spring bright colors: yellow, pink, lavender & chartreuse.

Have a L$100 OFF from reg price to Glam Dreams group members when you wear your tag before purchase.

Chelle head zuey and madrid_001

Accessories by Chop Zuey

“Paparazzi in Pink”

Complete set comes with 4 pearl necklace styles,

4 Pearl and Diamond Bracelts

Earrings and Hairpin in Diamonds

My model life Vestige_002

Poses by Vestige

My Model Life” for the Black Fair which runs from April 17 to May 1

Vestige has Single Female Poses, Single Male Poss, and Couple poses at the Fair.

Makeup and Lipstick by Madrid Solo

Vestige PosesBlack Fair

Chop Zuey

Glam Dream

Madrid Solo

Come to me
I’ll take care of you
protect you
calm, calm down
you’re exhausted
come lie down
you don’t have to explain
I understand


Going goth?  Moondance Boutique has the jewelry for you to compliment your gothic look.

Each set comes with nails and color change HUDs.

Each set is also resizable to fit perfectly.






Into the distance, a ribbon of black
Stretched to the point of no turning back
A flight of fancy on a windswept field
Standing alone my senses reeled
A fatal attraction is holding me fast,
How can I escape this irresistible grasp?

Can’t keep my eyes from the circling skies
Tongue-tied and twisted, just an earth-bound misfit, I


Looking for new mesh wings?  Look no further.  Check out the new UNISEX wings by Amalgamation.

The wings are MESH and you get one set that “flutters” and one set for photography (non flutter)

There are 11 different color options and 3 “flight” options on the photography set.  Once you wear the wings you just click and hold for about 3 seconds and 2 menu’s pop up.  One menu is for resizing and the other is for color options.

One the “flutter” set you simply wear and fly and they activate.  The close upon landing.  The animated wings are the same as the non animated ones, just click and hold for a few seconds and the menus pop up for resizing and color.

The set comes with alpha channel and alpha maps.  A backup set is also included as well as a fly mode gesture.

Amalgamation  is only on marketplace.

On Chelle:

Zibska – Ninette – Saviad Birthday Fair – Ends April 18

On Steele:

Aousten Ostrich Pants – Zibska ***NEW*** color change HUD



More Pictures Below

Zibska ~ Ninette

Zibska ~ Aousten in Ostrich


Looking for fun hats and fasteners?  Checkout Machorie.  Machorie carries avant hair, hats, jewelry and more. Items are Mesh, and come in multiple colors.   This version of the Lusian hat is the male version.


Machorie  –  Lusian Hat  – Mesh

Alpha Tribe Outfit – copper celt

Penumbra Fashion week begins May 16th and Prey will be showcased on the catwalk.  Until then, I will be featuring outfits from Prey as a sneak peek of what’s to come.



Prey’s Buckle up Outfit comes with corset, skirt, slink high heels and Bolero Jacket with tails.  The tails of the Bolero and heels have spikes as adornments which add a touch of fierceness to the outfit.


Head on down to Prey and check out all the other awesome outfits, there’s something there to fit all  your fashion needs.

Ear Cuffs are a new release by Chop Zuey which comes with color change HUD *NEW*

Makeup – Madrid Solo


Penumbra Fashion Week