Yellow Close.jpg.png

Legal Insanity – Zara top Mait. Lara
Legal Insanity  Miu – Willow boho belt Lara
Legal Insanity  Miu – Willow boho skirt Lara
Chop Zuey Suo Gan – Necklace

Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you

And everything you do
Yeah, they were all yellow

I came along
I wrote a song for you

And all the things you do
And it was called “Yellow”


Yellow Close.jpg

FH2 – Rigged Mesh – Fatpack – Tami
Legal Insanity – Candy heels MAITREYA
Legal Insanity Miu – Nina chain belts Lara @ fameshed may round
Miu – Nina high waist jeans LARA  @ fameshed may round
Miu – Tia top Mait. Lara
Zibska Ophelia Headpiece @ Salon Thru June 4
 Chop Zuey Papillon Texture Change  Palm Ring
PLASTIX – Bambi Jacket

Legal Panties and Top Final.png

MIU BY LEGAL INSANITY – top/panties/fatpack, 250L each/1500L 

Jade top and panties

Legal Insanity @ Soiree Event  ends April 19

Zibs and Legal Top Final

adorsy – Candy Shorts Fatpack – Maitreya

Miu by Legal Insanity – Ilona lace up top tres chic  

Zibska Selen accessories (with colour change HUD)

Zibska Asta Eyemakeup Lelutka Applier
Zibska Asta Lips Lelutka Applier


Zibs N Legal Body Final

Zibs N Legal Final Close

*ARGRACE* NAO – Baby Blonde

Zibska Amarillis Headpiece @ Ostara Altar  15 March – 05 April
Zibska Amarillis Eyemakeup Lelutka Applier @ Ostara Altar  15 March – 05 April
Zibska Amarillis Lips [Fit A] Lelutka Applier @ Ostara Altar  15 March – 05 April

Headpiece headpiece & orbit with 20 colour options for main/accent/orbit via HUD.

headpiece & orbit with 20 colour options for main/accent/orbit via HUD.

There is a 5L easter egg hunt going on for the duration of the event. We have out the Aviva eyemakeup which also includes 12 colours with the above appliers.

Miu by Legal Insanity – Allie Turtleneck Lara
Miu by Legal Insanity – Pixie jeans Lara




Legal Insanity 1 Final


Legal Insanity 2 Final

Legal Insanity – Bina boots
Miu by Legal Insanity – Iris jeans Lara
Miu by Legal Insanity – Mina top Lara
Stealthic – Somber

Dryin’ up in conversation, still
My head was halfway round the world
And workin’ through your sleeping I was
Driven by the promise of a quick return
And I wonder if he’ll be the very same
And I wonder if he’s gonna break the waves

Legal 3 Final


Legal 2 Final


Legal 1 Final

Astralia x Momento . notice me senpai / heels light pink

Chop Zuey Set Matangi Rishi

Miu by Legal Insanity – Allie Turtleneck Lara
Miu by Legal Insanity – Vera jeans Lara

Tableau Vivant \\ Halo hair [rigged]

Zibska Cesca Eyemakeup Zibska [TLC 6th Anniversary Gift] ~ Cesca Eyemakeup

Zibska Cesca Lips [Fit B]

Zibksa Cesca Headpiece

And I’m pulling on the red chord
That pulls you back to me Lord
It helps me out
When you’re away

chelle zibska body

chelle zibska close

Blueberry – Mili – Boots&Stockings – Maitreya
NO.MATCH_NO_CAROL ( unrigged)
Steelhead Low Ride Leggings [Omega Applier]
Chop Zuey The Chains of Calypso
Zibska Quyen Eyemakeup @ we ❤ RP through 12/30
Zibska Quyen Lips we ❤ RP through 12/30
[WM] Juliet Shorts Maitreya
[WM] Juliet Top Maitreya


Zibska Purples

Zibska Quyen Accessories  @ we ❤ RP thru 12/30
Zibska Quyen Horn, collar, orbit and shoulder accessories – includes left & right horn, collar, left & right collar orbits with 12 colours in solid & semi transparent vs. for main and accent.
Zibska Quyen Eyemakeup Lelutka Applier
Zibska Quyen Lips Lelutka Applier
Cosmetics packs include Lelutka, Catwa, LAQ, Omega appliers and system tattoo layers.

 For basketball fans across the country, the No. 23 often conjures up images of Michael Jordan soaring across a basketball court in a Chicago Bulls jersey. Considered one of the NBA’s greatest players, Jordan remains one of the most well-known athletes years after his retirement.

In Second Life, Legal Insanity remains to be the best in casual wear for males and females. The Trina Jersey shirt is sold in multiple different styles and colors.


poses by L.A. BoS
Legal Insanity – Trina jersey shirt Lara @ Tres Chic
Chop Zuey Matangi Rishi – accessories
Steelhead Low Ride Leggings [Omega Applier]
Zibska Noir Pack Vol 14 Lelutka Applier –  Vol 14 includes black makeup in 12 styles with Lelutka, LAQ, Catwa & Omega appliers and system tattoos.
Zibska Till Lips Lelutka Applier