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You, my friend, must realize
The time we have won’t last
You can’t erase the past
Lord knows I’ve tried
There are times I’ve been weighed down
Black and blue inside me
Old wounds still residing
Beneath my skin

So let’s raise a glass
To better days
Forget the past
And our wicked ways
Let me just sing
This one last song
And make this feelin’ last
All night long

A fresh start is what you need
So let’s begin again
I will be your friend
From this day on
You can rely upon me
If you ever need to
I will help you get through
And find your way

Crocodile Gus – The Warehouse Sale exclusive, will be available in store after 25% off at Warehouse Sale (1500L pricetag there, 2000L pricetag normal)

BeSpoke – Crocodile Gus

DRIFT Pimpin Hat NonRigged-Midnight
Legal Insanity – Trent coat

Bespoke Fantasy Mesh Heads


BeSpoke – Deep One @ Dreadmorne Township

A love letter to the Tengu of Yakuo-in Yukiji Temple in Mount Takao, Japan, the Karasu Tengu (Temple) head is heavily inspired by their noble appearance as beings who bear great spiritual power among their kind. This tengu variant are seen as respected individuals among their flock and are in the midst of training to become like the long nosed masters among them.

The mountain dwelling tengu are sentient beings training within their flock to harness their innate spiritual power, growing from trickster avian beings with a strong bird-like appearance to a more human appearance with a long nose. This transition gives tengu a diverse range in appearance, with the Karasu Tengu (Temple) head demonstrating the final stretches of a journey in the midst of transformation towards becoming a master.

BeSpoke – Karasu Tengu Temple Mesh Head @ Fantasy Faire

Crazy about Fashion

CX Crucifix Corridor
WLS The Children
WLS Sack Babies
WLS Mental Patient
WLS Dissolve Head
BeSpoke – Vampire Constantius Head
XS Monochrome Legs
Cinphul – Council of Flesh Dress
Nefekalum Tats – Arise
PKC – Face Centipedes
Static – Lillth Horns
Static – Seer Gloves
The Dead Boy – arms of evil spirits

BeSpoke Cow Erie @ Warehouse

Crazy About Fashion

BeSpoke @ we Love Roleplay

BeSpoke Minataur Asterion @ we love roleplay

Reliquary – Morbid Gorget Chest Piece

Crazy About Fashion

BeSpoke Usagi Haruka @ Neo Japan

Sintiklia – Hair Dave Rigged
Dope+Mercy Illest Alive Vest and Pants
Noble Creations Fantasy Feathers Shawl

Crazy About Fashion

BeSpoke – Gargoyle Head and eyes The Warehouse
[Gild] Hoodie long vest_red
RAWR! Merciless Claws Kario @ the warehouse
Noble Creations – [NC] Necromancer Arm Armor – (Iron)
[NC] – EXCLUSIVE Necromancer Bracers (Iron)
[NC] – Guardian (Black) –
[NC] – Skyfall Pants (Brown/Black)
[NC] – Skyfall Shoes

Zibska @ Neo Japan Begins 3/26
@ Neo Japan
@ Neo Japan

Zibska Miko Makeups @ Neo Japan 26 March – 17 April
AZOURY – Neith – Horn head accessory
veyard_ MANUK Leather Top – Legacy
Zibska HD158259 Adornment