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If only one thing that you know
Imposters from the show
They’ll try to trick you into
Normal treatment
Oh don’t you listen to them say
Shush them all away
I am the demon cleaner
Madman so
I am the freedom cleaner
Standing naked here to say
I’m the only way…

Knife Party Bloody Mouth
Tutti Belli – Bloodline
BOM TATTOO – face scars
KNIFU. Breed Demons Tattoo Dark
Hexed – Flower Life Hairbase
BeSpoke – HornBase – Demonic
BeSpoke – Incubus Akribus
R The Lodestone Heart
CURELESS Corvus Manteau
CURELESS Nepenthes Cassock Skirt
CURELESS Nepenthes Gauntlets
CURELESS Nepenthes Glove
CURELESS Nepenthes Suit
POISON ROUGE Lilitu Horns Black Silver The Arcade
Random Matter – Vered Mantle Warm
GA.EG Dripping Blood

BackGround – VORTECH Nightmare Portal – Portal to Vortech & What’s lost Spirits

WLS – ORNATE SKULL (Bronze) @ Fantasy Faire

Lilitu Horns – Poison Rouge Exclusive at The Arcade

Poison Rouge @ The Arcade

BeSpoke – Incubus Akribus Head & Skin

[CX] Cerberus’ After Meals Fangs

Tutti Belli – ‘Bloodline’ Scar

[GA.EG] Dripping Blood

+KP+ Bloody Mouth // LeL Evo X

ContraptioN The Void Head Alpha
CURELESS Divine Delineation
ContraptioN Prosthetic Underskin Appliers black
Rekt Death Breath OCTTENTACLE
REKT_Octo Arms Red
REKT_Tech Shorts – Legacy BLK
ContraptioN Lowtek Prosthetic Leg
Contraption The Grymmer Vest
ContraptioN The Void Head

Exclusive for Fantasy Faire

BeSpoke Booth

PunkinBlend Booth

You can get the avatar for full price, or 1L at the event as it is for charity.

Included with the mushroom avatar are multiple skins and outfits made by BeSpoke.  PunkinBlend has also created skins and outfits for the Amanita Mushroom Avatars

All items for this set are currently at Fantasy Fair

BeSpoke – Half-orc Samu


You’ve got my body, flesh and bone
The sky above, the Earth below

Raise me up again
Take me past the edge
I want to see the other side

I’ve got a river running right into you
I’ve got a blood trail, red in the blue
Something you say or something you do
The taste of the divine

BeSpoke – Ghoul Necrotic – Head (male)

Zibska Cillian Crown and Accessories @ we ❤ Role Play

Zibska Livia Headpiece @ we ❤ Role Play

The Observer – Arc

Memories rising from the past,
The future’s shadow overcast.
Something’s clutching at my head,
Through the darkness I’ll be led.

BodyArts – Nachtmahr – Fem – Pose

SSD. – VERTEBRA gaps w/blood Legacy

Clover – Decapitated

Nefekalum – Reveal (Rust/Full/Less Highlight)

BeSpoke – Faceless

RZ. Fighter Arms & Hands

.Shi Bottom / FoilSilver

Elemental Air

Skin Fair


Alpha Tribe – Unisex boots & Horns – There be dragons

Azoury – Monarchie w/ chain headpiece

Noche Porter Loin Cloth

Worn with BeSpoke Marionette Head

The swamp has eyes!

+Knife Party + Bloody Mouth // LeL Evo X

Nefekalum – Ruler (Green) // Tattoo
Nefekalum – Reveal (Silver/Top) // Tattoo
Nefekalum – Reveal (Silver/Legs/Less Highlight) // Tattoo

Clover – The Nibbler – Warehouse Sale

NOCHE. Auryn Sarong (Loose). Black – Legacy

Quills & Curiosities – Flamekeeper’s Mantle
Quills & Curiosities – The Watcher’s Clutches (Legacy M)
Quills & Curiosities – The Watcher’s Gaze


Cold as steel, the darkness waits its hour will come
A cry of fear from our children worshipping the sun
Mother nature’s black revenge on those who wasted her life
War babies in the garden of Eden shall turn our ashes to ice

Nefekalum – Neptune Armor We Love Role-play
Nefekalum – Neptune Base 11 – We Love Role Play
Zibska Anemone Accessories – We Love Role-play
Zibska Dagrun Deux Face Mask – We Love Role-play

Nefekalum – Neptune