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 April round at Abstrakt Event

Cosmetic packs both include 18 colours in 3 transparencies and are compatible only with Lelutka heads with the EVO X uv option and include tattoo & universal tattoo BOM layers.

Zibska @ Abstract Event

You’ve got my body, flesh and bone
The sky above, the Earth below

Raise me up again
Take me past the edge
I want to see the other side

I’ve got a river running right into you
I’ve got a blood trail, red in the blue
Something you say or something you do
The taste of the divine

BeSpoke – Ghoul Necrotic – Head (male)

Zibska Cillian Crown and Accessories @ we ❤ Role Play

Zibska Livia Headpiece @ we ❤ Role Play

The Observer – Arc

The only place where you can dream
Living here is not what it seems

Ship of white light in the sky
Nobody there to reason why
Here I am, I’m not really there
Smiling faces ever so rare
Let’s walk in deepest space
Living here just isn’t the place

WLS – PUPPET (Bunneh) Midnight Order
WLS – PUPPET (Victor Iniquitous) -Midnight Order

+Nuuna+ Silmad V1 White 60% Midnight Order
+Nuuna+ Silmad BASE Male black

True Damage-Crystal Blood Mouth

-SU!– Glam Gore Queen Eyes Mourn

+KP+ Blood Tears


RZ. Deadly Face Tattoos Full

-SU!- Glam Gore Queen Eyes II

.Shi : Kadosh

AsteroidBox. Florian Pants and Boots – Midnight Order

RAWR! Merciless Claws Legacy

Zibksa Fechin Headpiece and Shoulders

Zibska Ilona Collar and Orbits

[CX] Bloody Strigoi’s Fangs


-SU!- Glam Gore Queen Eyes Mourn

Oh, she’s an old-time ambassador
Of sweet talking, night walking games
And she’s known in the darkest clubs
For pushing ahead of the dames

Well, if she says she can do it
Then she can’t do it, she don’t make false claims
But she’s a queen and such a queen
Such a laughter is sucked in their brains

Heartsdale Jewellery exclusively at Uber during the valentine round.

Zibska @ Midnight Order

Zibska Vasylna Makeup
Zibska Vasylna Lips
Zibska Vasylna Blush
Zibska Vasylna Hat
Vasylna Collection @ Midnight Order 20 Jan – 20 Feb

[GA.EG] Ultimate Eyes

Heartsdale Jewellery
Heartsdale Jewellery Valentina Collection @ Uber

Some say the end is near
Some say we’ll see Armageddon soon
I certainly hope we will
I sure could use a vacation from this

Bullshit three-ring
Circus sideshow of

Sap ~ Rico Waves Hairbase / EvoX / Black

Nefekalum – Complete Invasion 08 (Full) // Tattoo

Nefekalum – [CX] Aberration Ears Add-On // Complete Invasion 06

[CX] Aberration Ears – Fade Tattoo ( Black )

SU!– Glam Gore Queen Eyes II

cinphul // excess iii [jacket]

Wicca’s Originals – Yhesy Piercing

Zibska Soignes

[CX] Bloody Strigoi’s Fangs ( Size B )


Take a look in the pool and what do you see
In the dark depths there faces beckoning me
Can’t you see them it’s plain for all to see
They were there oh I know you don’t believe me.

Oh…..I’ve never felt so strange
But…..I’m not going insane.

I’ve no doubt that you think I’m off of my head
You don’t say but it’s in your eyes instead
Hours I spend out just gazing into that pool
Something draws me there I don’t know what to do.

Oh…..they drain my strength away
Oh…..they’re asking me to stay.

no.match_EVOX Hairbase – icy

Unholy&JTM – Widow Tears Bom EvoX

~Edie’s~ Autumn Skin (BOM EvoX) DARK ELF

Hexed – Orus Eyeshadow – Black

alpha.tribe::: Crow U beak and Spine

Madame Noir mesh eyes

Chop Zuey Triple Threat Mens Choker

Wicca’s Originals – Deacon Arms

Wicca’s Originals – Ithil Headband @ Warehouse

Zibska Purfle Headpiece and rabbles GIFT
Frozen Frolic Event – through 2/2/23

REPULSE – Nocturnal Eyes II (Blind)

Keep your mouth shut
And listen to the word inside
Keep your head on
And open up your eyes real wide
Keep the change, love
Let me fix it for you inside
There isn’t any room to hide

Keep your ‘lectric eye on me babe
Put your ray gun to my head
Press your space face close to mine, love
Freak out in a moonage daydream, oh yeah

Zibska @ the Saloon

IVY – Lyrae Fade head piece and tattoo

Zibska Arev Lips Eye Makeup and Necklace @ the Saloon

Wicca’s Originals – Impulse Headpiece

Wicca’s Originals – Reaper Eye

So you think you got a case
And you think you know the score
No you don’t wanna listen
You can’t be told no more
But wait’ll you get out there
You better do it right
‘Cause the streets are lined with things that kill
And they’re hidin’ in the night

Nefekalum Sidhe #01 // Tattoo
VIRGINIA: Tattoo Neck Fade root
EGX. BOM Nelson Facial Hair
Lolapop! – Chiroptera (black)
Zibska Lilit Makeup
Zibska Hitomi Lips 18
Zibska Lilit Brow, Orbit and Shoulder Pieces
[NC] – Guardian (Black) – Legacy
[NC] – Skyfall Pants (Black 2) Legacy
[RA] Drogo Beard

Venomous voice tempts me,
And drains me, bleeds me,
Leaves me cracked and empty,
Drags me down like some sweet gravity.

Zibska SecondLife Syndicate Crypt Crawl Hunt

Nefekalum – Moskstraumen 2022 02 // Evo X Tattoo
RAWR! Merciless Claws Legacy
Zibska Alkmene Headpiece in Coal SecondLife Syndicate Crypt Crawl Hunt 24 Oct – 06 Nov
Zibska Asvaldr in Coal SecondLife Syndicate Crypt Crawl Hunt
[The DeadBoy] My Ugly Teeth [LELUTKA]

The journey has begun
We’re glad you chose to come
We’re the children of the Sun
And we welcome you

To the place where time and light are one
With the energy of a thousand Suns
Ships of light on a sea of stars
Past the rings of Jupiter, canals of Mars

Nefekalum – Nouveau V.01 Red 02 // Tattoo
Pity Party Plum Hairbase
Zibska Licent Makeup October round at The Liaison Collaborative
Zibska Silvius Collar, Orbits and Birds SeraphimSL Halloween Trick or Treat Hunt
Zibska Vered Mask and Orbits SeraphimSL Halloween Trick or Treat Hunt
Nefekalum – Old Gods Horns @ warehouse
[CX] Fallen Filth Claw – @ warehouse